California Students’ Call for Condi War Crimes Probe

During the Vietnam War, Stanford students succeeded in banning secret military research from campus. Last weekend, 150 activist alumni and present Stanford students targeted Condoleezza Rice for authorizing torture and misleading Americans into the illegal Iraq War. Veterans of the Stanford anti-Vietnam War movement had gathered for a 40th anniversary reunion during the weekend. The […]

You Need Uncle Sam, Iraq Told

When Bush et al took us into the second illegal war of aggression he said that the US  would leave if requested by the Iraqi government. Of course we all knew this was a lie. 50 permanent bases tells you all you need to know. The US intends to stay. By Gareth Porter 25/07/08 “IPS” […]

Rice visit shows good US-NZ relations – Peters

Oh yuk, perhaps some good people in Auckland can tell this horrible woman that she is not welcome in New Zealand. She is warmongering Harlot for Big oil who needs to be tried for war crimes. Meeting with her while she represents a country involved in two illegal wars of aggression, conquest and genocide constitutes […]