Former US President Bill Clinton information confirms John Key New Zealand Prime Minister played a large part in the Global Financial Crisis.

From John Key Key and international finance researcher Iain Parker’s site Public credit or Bust! John Key claims he was long gone from the financial quackery sector when all the international financial deregulation of 1999 or lack of regulating new high risk derivative products occurred that went on to cause the global financial crisis. But […]

Who said Gaddafi had to go?

Hugh Roberts So Gaddafi is dead and Nato has fought a war in North Africa for the first time since the FLN defeated France in 1962. The Arab world’s one and only State of the Masses, the Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriyya, has ended badly. In contrast to the bloodless coup of 1 September 1969 […]

War criminal Hilary Clinton comes to New Zealand

US Secretary of foreign affairs and war criminal/mongerer Hilary Clinton will visit New Zealand next week. I wonder how many poor suckers will be sacrificed to stay on Americas good side and be send of to Yemen, the next hell hole created by Obama’s warmongering lot. Update: But then the threat of annihilation was maybe […]

Bush Winks at Israel’s Slaughter in Gaza, While Obama and Clinton Are Silent

Israel recklessly bombed Gaza on Saturday, killing at least 205 Palestinians and wounding at least 350 more, according to Palestinian health officials. This wholly disproportionate response to Hamas’s immoral but largely ineffective rocket attacks on Israel is guaranteed to further inflame the Middle East. Not lost on anyone there will be the Bush Administration’s winking […]