I Just Got Back From the EU… and It’s Worse Than You Imagined

Make no mistake, the situation in Europe is bad… How BAD? Well, France, Spain, and Germany have ALL implemented border controls.

That’s not a typo. Spain, France, and Germany can each close their borders for up to 30 days at any point if they so choose.

Why are they doing this? Because they know that when the stuff hits the fan and the EU collapses (which it will in the next few months) people are going to attempt to flee with their money… so they have made it so that no one can get it… and no one can get out.

Preparing for Civil Unrest in America

Nothing will fix America. Humpty Dumpty has broken and can’t be put back together again. The financial elite knows this and are preparing for the next phase: The clampdown on dissent. After they have killed of what was left of the US economy and that of the rest of the world I might add and […]