AIG Exposed Or Why You Should Be Very Worried About Richie And Dan Supporting The Flag Change

Here is an excellent doco (From 2012 but still very current) about AIG the All Blacks sponsor. It has given me some impetus to research more on the connection between AIG and John Key, the flag and their appetite for the TPPA. So watch this space! Here is an article I wrote about the kind […]

The First Problems With The Official Account Of The Paris Attacks Appear Or Why Was Hollande Still In The Stadium After Two Bombs Exploded Outside Of It?

Several suicide bombers blew themselves up outside the Stade de France sports stadium where the French football team was playing Germany, and another died in a street in eastern Paris. One of the gunmen who died after attacking a Paris concert hall on Friday (Saturday NZ Time) had French nationality and was known to have […]

Australian Military Predicted Cafe Scenario 6 Weeks Ago!

It’s a good thing that like 9/11 and 7/7 our military is training in advance for the exact same scenarios they are being confronted with on either the day the events occur or a couple of weeks later. Because just like on and before 9/11 and the 7/7 bombings military drills were held foreshadowing those […]

John “TTPA” Key Visits the Sultan. Brunei’s Sultan, Obama And The CIA Go Back A long Time

After staying with the Queen of England it seems that John “the Smiling Assassin” Key has taken on several International roles rather than being what he should be: The democratically chosen servant to the new Zealand people who should be protecting our best interests instead of kowtowing to his bankster masters. He was for example […]


Normalizing Chemtrails: Picturesc Autumn Weather The Daily Mail Way

Update: (Hattip N) One of my readers send me this link! Monzanto just spend $ 930 million to buy Climate corp, which underwrites weather insurance for farmers. More on it’s implications tomorrow! In this Article in the Sunday Daily Mail I counted chemtrails in at least 6 of the 18 Photos normalizing the phenomena which […]

Thundering towards WWIII As Children Suffer At The Hands Of “Rebels”

Update: Syrian girl reporting on the use of chemical weapons by “rebel forces” I know, I know, I said I would go to ground but how can I when I see this: And I know that this was done by so called rebels in the service of Satan, the US and NATO and the crazy […]

The Boston Bombing Web of Lies

By Julia Lévesque As with many “terrorism” related events since 9/11, the Boston bombing official narrative proves to be a web of lies as important facts are revealed. It turns out that the FBI has lied about its knowledge of the alleged suspects, Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, already being presented as guilty not only in […]

Is John Key A CIA Puppet? Top US Journalist Wayne Madsen Makes A Good Case!

Here is the second article from Wayne Madsen about how the US is manipulating the Pacific region and he makes a good case for a CIA driven emergence of new political leaders in the Pacific region. Here he zooms in on the two most important allies of the US in the Southern Pacific region. The […]


On Patraeus, Extra Marital Affairs and Murdered Ambassadors.

Update: Petraeus won’t testify on Benghazi Ambassador murder hearing When General Petraeus announced he stepped down because of an extramarital affair I was left with a huge question mark. Gen. Petraeus as the head of the CIA and a possible candidate for the post of President of the United States surely would have been able […]

On Financing al Qaeda And Destroying Yet Another Ancient Culture

In Iraq the biggest museum of ancient art and artefacts was destroyed and you can now buy big Macs and pizza hut pizza’s. Old traditions and farming methods have been destroyed and made Iraqis dependent on Mozanto’s terminator seeds. four years of droughts preceding the invasion of Afghanistan pretty much ended the old farming society […]

On Killing Christians, Hanging Children and Why We Need to Arrest Our War Criminals

I don’t easily shock and men getting killed in wars is something that I have grown to accept hideous though it may be but when I see photo’s of children who have been hung merely for belonging to the wrong family I weep. The West are supporting the SFA (Syrian Freedom army). The rebels are […]

More on the 911 insider trading showing foreknowledge. And no it wasn’t Osama bin Laden

Appeared originally in the Asian Times. Please visit. The article is copied here for educational purposes only and no profit is made. I acknowledge Lars Shall as the original writer of this publication and I urge everyone to visit the Asian times site. It is an excellent publication with a lot of otherwise accessible information. […]

On Breitbart, heart attack guns and the legal assassination of American citizens.

I didn’t like Breitbard. He was a right wing hateful shock jock but he died at 43 leaving four children while on the verge of revealing some very damaging information on Obama. He died of an alleged heart attack and this was announced within an hour of his demise. That is very unusual in a […]

Paramilitary Monster: From CIA To CKA – “Central Killing Agency”

On September 6, General David Petraeus will be officially inaugurated as the new CIA chief. What legacy is he getting? By coincidence or not, on Thursday, September 1, The Washington Post published a long article outlining in detail the new profile of the Central Intelligence Agency. By analyzing numerous examples from all parts of the […]

Is Assange a Soros and CIA asset?

Two days ago 70 websites were closed down by the department of Justice. No judge, no jury and no court hearing. Their argument? They allowed torrent downloads. So if it is so easy to close down websites why is Wikileaks still up and running? The Pentagon has a whole department dedicated to being able to […]

Blackwater/Xe agent amongst CIA agents killed in suicide attack

It turns out that amongst the eight CIA agents killed last week in a suicide attack by one of their regular informants was a civilian mercenary employed by Blackwater/Xe. Jeremy Wise, the former Navy SEAL killed in a suicide bomber’s attack on a CIA base in Afghanistan last week, was working for Xe, the Moyock, […]

So what happened while I was a way on holiday 1: Blackwater gets a free pass on murder

While I tried to have a couple of days of rest by avoiding people and staying somewhat intoxicated (not advisable by the way) earth shattering events happened. One of them was the fact that a case against Blackwater’s murderous thugs was dumped by the judge. Now that may not seem like much to you but […]

Erik Prince, head of US security firm Blackwater, ‘was CIA operative’

Ok, this dude is a billionaire, owns his own private army which used to go by the name of Blackwater and has been renamed Xe (No doubt because it is run by a Xenophobe) and he has been involved in some of the most notorious events in Iraq that we know of. His name is […]

The CIA, the Taliban and more madness in Afghanistan

We are supporting a corrupt president who only won the “election” because his opponent withdrew. He withdrew from a second election because the same system of election was used that got Karzai elected in the first place was corrupt. We are fighting in Afghanistan to fight “them” over there so we don’t have to fight […]

Mind Your Tweets: The CIA Social Networking Surveillance System

I have never liked those bubbly give me more private information social websites. That social networking sites and applications such as Facebook, Twitter and their competitors can facilitate communication and information sharing amongst diverse groups and individuals is by now a cliché. It should come as no surprise then, that the secret state and the […]

Italy Ex-President – CIA And Mossad Ran 9-11

Former Italian President Francesco Cossiga, who revealed the existence of Operation Gladio, has told Italy’s oldest and most widely read newspaper that the 9-11 terrorist attacks were run by the CIA and Mossad, and that this was common knowledge among global intelligence agencies. In what translates awkwardly into English, Cossiga told the newspaper Corriere della […]

CIA: We Lied to Congress

No shit! In May, at a point when congressional Republicans and their amen corner in the media were attempting to defend the Bush-Cheney administration’s torture regime, their primary defense was: Pelosi knew. The spin held that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, as a member of the House Intelligence Committee, had in 2002 been secretly briefed about […]

“If You Go Back To The CIA’s Origins … He Explained, ‘The Whole OSS Was Really Nothing But Wall Street Bankers …'”

You’ve probably heard that the CIA is looking to hire laid-off bankers. This is nothing new. The long-time former executive director of the CIA – Buzzy Krongard – is a former investment banker. As Krongard told the Washington Post in March 2001: If you go back to the CIA’s origins during World War II in […]

CIA report: Israel will fall in 20 years

A study conducted by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has cast doubt over Israel’s survival beyond the next 20 years. The CIA report predicts “an inexorable movement away from a two-state to a one-state solution, as the most viable model based on democratic principles of full equality that sheds the looming specter of colonial Apartheid […]