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Last year I started posting about Chemtrails. I did so after it became undeniable that strange white trails crossed the sky over my house and Karioi mountain near Raglan. Ever since I started publishing about them the trails have increased in numbers and now not a day goes by that the sky isn’t subdued by […]


Normalizing Chemtrails: Picturesc Autumn Weather The Daily Mail Way

Update: (Hattip N) One of my readers send me this link! Monzanto just spend $ 930 million to buy Climate corp, which underwrites weather insurance for farmers. More on it’s implications tomorrow! In this Article in the Sunday Daily Mail I counted chemtrails in at least 6 of the 18 Photos normalizing the phenomena which […]


On Chemtrails and Geo-engineering: A Rich Guy Or Corporation Could Do It, There Is No Regulation. Seems To Me Somebody Already Is!

There is no agreed-upon institution to oversee such an effort, and no rules to govern it. A wealthy individual or corporation could try something over the ocean with no regulation. Chris Field, director of Carnegie’s global ecology department. Yesterday an article was posted on the It detailed how geo-engineering could cool down the earth. […]


Last Chance In New York Skyline. Fake Or Real?

A Facebook friend send me a link to a video purporting to be of an airplane writing “Last Chance” in the sky. I don’t know if it’s real or with what he is “writing” but with photos such as the one above and the same trails appearing (sometimes four lines wide totally parallel above Ruapuke […]


Chemtrail over Raglan, New Zealand

Chemtrail over Raglan North Island New Zealand 4:45 PM onwards and still visible. Originating somewhere from Hamilton (airport?) ending over Raglan! White line spreading upwards with strange black rimmed clouds forming in them while the clouds outside of the line stayed white with a little darker belly like normal clouds. Now 5:20 pm the black […]

Chemtrails Over London?

Condensation trails are formed when the hot air of the motors hits the cold air outside. Kerose dumping because it’s hugely unhealthy (Not that this seems to bother the powers that be) are forbidden over the cities but clearly this is not hot air hitting cold air (at higher altitudes si what is this plane […]


Atmospheric Geoengineering: Weather Manipulation, Contrails and Chemtrails

This one is for Mick, one of my regular readers who thinks even contemplating Chemtrails and weather modification is ludicrous. Debate the issues Mick, rule number one for all of us truth seekers. Calling people Dickheads and Ludicrous smacks of emotional rejection and fear based thinking. I’m used to better from you! At an international […]

Hair Analyses Of Northland, NZ Resident Show Aluminium, Barium & Strontium Levels Increased Over Time

Northland resident, Robyn P.  [Name withheld] has informed us that her 7-year-old son has had hair analyses done and that metals linked to geoengineering programs [1] have been present – and in higher levels in a more recent sample. Below you will find copies of the results of the tests done on hair collected on […]


Aargh, Computer Crashes And Missing Out On All the Stuff That Is Happening

Update: Live link to New York. A camera attached to the statue of liberty filming live I tried to keep my poor abused laptop going as long as I could with a totally unstable Operating System thanks to my interfering with it on several occasions but this weekend I had to admit defeat and while […]

The Question Is Not Are We Modifying The Weather. The Question Is How Much Are We Modifying The Weather!

Yesterday I linked to two videos on the Standard blog. They are called What in the world are they spraying and Why in the world are they spraying. It was a coming out as it where on the weather modification issue and as was to be expected some of the comments were dismissive. That is […]

Repost: What In The World Are They Spraying?

For those of you who have never seen the excellent documentary on the strange long lived white streaks in the sky which are becoming more and more frequent here it is and after watching this and you are curious as to why they would do such a thing here is the follow up: (link fixed)

On Contrails, Chemtrails, What the Hell are they Spraying and Let your Voice be Heard!

About two months ago I walked down the driveway to the mailbox and when I walked back I saw this strange pattern in the sky. Four parallel lines of the same length forming a square. It was off the coast of Ruapuke, south of Karioi mountain and Raglan. The area is not subject to busy […]