And Then They Come For The Bloggers

With every journalist and TV presenter including the 60 minute team either being fired or put under severe pressure to shut up about important political issues the police have begun to harass writers of the Daily Blog and the editor Martin Bradbury aka as Bomber. Bomber was in fact one of the very first journalists […]

Are You A Belligerent Journalist of Unprivileged Persuasion?

The Pentagon has released an 1.176 page manual on what is OK to do to other people and how to rate them in “the do they deserve to live or not” game! It turns out that as a journalist you don’t rate very high. That is if you dare to be belligerent of course. No […]


Censure At Work: Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid Of This Website!

A little triangle before my url caught my attention. When I opened it this is what appeared. This may mean that when people use web verification software my website might not show up. What will show is a alert triangle with a this website is suspect be afraid be very afraid alert.   My website, […]

Is Mark Textor Working For Fairfax Or Is Fairfax Working For Mark Textor?

Last week when driving to a bigger town near me I did as I do not too often because NZ talk radio makes me puke more often than not, I listened to talk radio and this time my barf response reached a new high. Three gentleman, two of the elder Pakeha persuasion and a Maori […]

Wow, How Times Have Changed: Anti John Key Facebook Page Shut Down

When I started blogging a little over 8 years ago I knew it was going to be an uphill battle. When I started commenting on the Standard blog an equally long time ago I was almost banned for my “crazy” conspiracy theories. It wasn’t until the 2011 elections that I started to notice a change […]

What do China Pakistan And The UK have In Common? Huawei’s House Safe Internet Filter!

By the end of next year the UK will have a filter on all its internet traffic. That filter so we have been told will make sure no dirty porn will ever pollute the minds of your little darlings ever again! You don’t have to have that filter of course but you will have to […]

Web filter to focus only on child sex abuse images

Bollocks. I don’t like kiddy porn, I abhor child abusers and think a good place for them to be is in a high security prison but once you start to filter something because everybody hates it the next step is to start filtering stuff because you can make it hated. Mass media manipulation and simpletons […]

If the Section 92 get’s through you couldn’t show this anymore

I found this incredibly cute picture on this site. If section 92 gets through you couldn’t show this any more and by the way the site where this came from could not exist any more but more to the point why would anyone bother? Right, they would not bother with that site but they would […]

Govt rejects calls to alter internet law

Ok one more. This means that only the ones the ruling elite deems damaging will be closed down. There is no independent body who will investigate complaints. And if you think that those telecom and other ISP who now do their bit complaining are not complicit think again. They are happily complicit in the spying […]

Section 92: Censure and End game. No more alternative news. Are you ready?

Today I won’t be posting anything other than this and that is not because there is nothing else to post. Next month this could be all you’re seeing here. The law which will come in effect on the 28th of February will enable any news outlet you quote or any organisation who does not like […]

Web sites could get film-style ratings

Why does this do nothing for my peace of mind? Oh oops yep, Family First and their homophobic “family first” mentality and their need to tell everybody else what we can and cannot see on TV. —————————- The kind of ratings used for films could be applied to Web sites in a bid to better […]