Last Letter From a Veteran to George Bush and Dick Cheney And I Hope Obama Reads It Too

I write this letter on the 10th anniversary of the Iraq War on behalf of my fellow Iraq War veterans. I write this letter on behalf of the 4,488 soldiers and Marines who died in Iraq. I write this letter on behalf of the hundreds of thousands of veterans who have been wounded and on […]

Revealed: How George W. Bush was given SEVEN warnings about threat from Bin Laden in months before 9/11

Hmmmm? Former President George Bush was given a series of direct warnings throughout 2001 about the possibility of a terrorist attack by Al Qaeda – but failed to take them seriously, it was claimed today. On the eleventh anniversary of the atrocity, it has been reported that the White House received multiple briefs between May […]

A Bit of Rebel Rousing And Something That Gives Me Hope!

I don’t know about you but sometimes it all just gets me down. We are caught in a waiting game with the powers that be committing crime after crime without any consequences it seems and other than observing and educating each other there is not a whole lot we can do about it. So here […]

Study: Bush, aides made 935 false statements in run-up to war

President Bush and his top aides publicly made 935 false statements about the security risk posed by Iraq in the two years following September 11, 2001, according to a study released Tuesday by two nonprofit journalism groups. “In short, the Bush administration led the nation to war on the basis of erroneous information that it […]

Professor Antony Sutton: Wall Street & the rise of Hitler

In 2004 an article appeared in the Guardian. It detailed the involvement of the Bush family in the financing of Hitler. Not only that, in 2007 a channel four documentary (see extract) details how the Bush family was part of the cabal which tried to pull a fascist coup in the United States. In this […]

JF Kennedy was murdered 48 years ago.

I’m going to confess something today which might strike you as odd but here it is: I have never spend a day researching JF Kennedy’s murder. I never thought about it and while I saw the Oliver Stone film never seriously questioned the official story other than in passing. I was 7.5 years old when […]

MI6 produced bogus Iraq war evidence under pressure from Downing Street

Of course Blair is a war criminal who started an illegal war against Iraq with the help of his buddy Bush but it pays to study how they did it. The exhausted secret intelligence officer was heading home after a heavy session analysing reports from Iraq. As he stepped out through the high-security air-lock exit […]

War crimes and the Bush family; Let them feel the consequences.

Last year G.W. Bush bragged about ordering the act of torture known as waterboarding and this weekend he had to cancel his trip to Switzerland where he was going to be a guest speaker for a annual Jewish conference. He had to cancel his trip because several activist groups were planning to take him to […]

Bush brags about torture and nobody gives a damn

Another tidbit the Mainstream media in NZ is schtum about. Last week Bush started to advertise his “Memoirs”. Not that he actually wrote the book but his whole live has been one big lie so far so why not chuck in a book full of lies written by someone who actually knows how to string […]

Bush’s Third Term? The US is living it.

While the average Kiwi still things that Obama is all about change and will keep his election promises such as getting the troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan the average American is waking up to the fact that nothing is changing and that they’re only getting more of the same. A presidential candidate opposed to […]

Obama, the change that never came and equal opportunity caricatures.

As the people of the US are rapidly finding out there is no difference between the Obama Government and the Bush Government. The people behind the two pupets remain the same and the wars keep on raging. The banksters are getting bail out after bailout and the promised health care changes are turning out to […]

Kennedy, 9/11 connecting the dots.

When you tell people that the collapse of the three WTC buildings due to the impact of two planes is scientifically impossible some of them (not as many as there used to be) start to smirk and tell you you’re a nutter and that you probably believe that the US army has aliens in whatsjamacallit […]

Turley: Bush terror memos are ‘very definition of tyranny’

Since the release on Monday of nine previously-secret Bush administration legal memos claiming that the president has the power to ignore the Constitution when fighting terrorism, experts have almost unanimously denounced both their legal reasoning and their conclusions. “These memos provide the very definition of tyranny,” Constitutional law professor Jonathan Turley told MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann […]

George W. Bush’s Disposable Constitution

Scott Horton is a professor at Columbia Law School and writer for Harper’s By Scott Horton Yesterday the Obama Administration released a series of nine previously secret legal opinions crafted by the Office of Legal Counsel to enhance the presidential powers of George W. Bush. Perhaps the most astonishing of these memos was one crafted […]

A Torture Report Could Spell Big Trouble For Bush Lawyers

While those tasked with the actual torture are speaking out and telling us what they had to do reports are appearing about those who told those kids what to do. it turns out that it wasn’t a few bad apples but a whole rotten tree. So when our government decides to send more of your […]

Obama signals he isn’t interested in ‘truth commission’ to investigate Bush abuses

Hmm, now wasn’t Obama the guy that promised us transparency and integrity in Government? President Barack Obama gave a cool welcome at his Monday night press conference to Senate Judiciary Chairman Patrick Leahy’s (D-VT) call for a “truth commission” to probe alleged abuses under George W. Bush, offering a fresh signal that the new president […]

Bush’s Final Approval Rating: 22 Percent

The majority of Pakeha New Zealanders of course still think that the sun shines out of Bushes ass and the war in Afghanistan is not genocide but helping the under developed backward “rag heads” but it’s nice to know that we, the ones who know that Bush is a psychopathic war criminal, are in the […]

Asked about WMDs, Bush grins: ‘Things didn’t go according to plan’

Abu Ghraib a ‘disappointment’ A confident George W. Bush took the podium Monday for what is likely the last press conference of his presidency, fielding a panoply of questions on the economy, President-elect Barack Obama, and what he sees as the failings of his term. Speaking about the Administration’s claim that Iraq possessed weapons of […]

History will be kind to Bush

What the f*&k. We are watching the total collapse of the global economy, two countries in ruins and Isreal totally out of control. We are going into a depression about which we will only wisper afterwards because it was so horrible and so many people parished. Sounds like the biggest fuck up in the history […]

Bush Winks at Israel’s Slaughter in Gaza, While Obama and Clinton Are Silent

Israel recklessly bombed Gaza on Saturday, killing at least 205 Palestinians and wounding at least 350 more, according to Palestinian health officials. This wholly disproportionate response to Hamas’s immoral but largely ineffective rocket attacks on Israel is guaranteed to further inflame the Middle East. Not lost on anyone there will be the Bush Administration’s winking […]

Bush Insider Who Planned To Tell All Killed In Plane Crash

WASHINGTON, Dec. 20 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Michael Connell, the Bush IT expert who has been directly implicated in the rigging of George Bush‘s 2000 and 2004 elections, was killed last night when his single engine plane crashed three miles short of the Akron airport. Velvet Revolution (“VR”), a non-profit that has been investigating Mr. Connell’s activities […]

Bush says sacrificed free-market principles to save economy

Well, not really. he sacrificed the free market principles for his banking scum mates but the car workers in Detroit can go f&^k themselves and the same goes for all those millions of people losing their homes and jobs. For them Capitalism and the free market is alive and well. US President George W. Bush […]

Muntadar al-Zaidi Did What We Journalists Should Have Done Long Ago

Skip Mendler of Honesdale, PA has a great idea. He suggests that everyone who is disgusted with the outgoing Bush/Cheney administration send a shoe to the White House. Just imagine a pile up of a million smelly old running shoes in the White House mailroom! I think he’s got something. Spread the word! By Dave […]

Suddenly, two shoes

As was to be expected the journalist who threw his shoes at G. W. Bush is wounded and possibly tortured. Apparently he is gong to be tried for throwing shoes while the puppet PM of Iraq  and all out Mafioso scumbag Maliki  was standing nearby. You heard that correct; not for throwing his shoes at […]

Torture trail seen starting with Bush

A bipartisan congressional report traces the U.S. abuse of detainees at Guantanamo Bay and Abu Ghraib to President George W. Bush’s Feb. 7, 2002, action memorandum that excluded “war on terror” suspects from Geneva Convention protections. The Senate Armed Services Committee’s report said Bush’s memo opened the door to “considering aggressive techniques,” which were then […]

Revisionist history about the Iraq war

They lied and they spun, they outed CIA agents in revenge when a former US ambassador revealed that the Bush regime knew that the Yellow cake story was a complete fake. They used papers written years before by an Iraqi student to convince people that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and most of all […]

Bush’s staff receive speech orders

The White House has sent top US officials a series of guidelines on how to discuss the eight-year legacy of President George W. Bush. Cabinet members and other high-ranking officials have received a two-page memo titled “Speech Topper on the Bush Record”, The Los Angeles times reported. A copy of the memo was obtained by […]