Are the BRIC’s gonna help us out when the West collapses?

BRIC stands for Brazil, Russia, India and China and if I had a dollar every time Kiwi’s thought that those countries would take over when the West collapses I would not have worry in the world but will they? Thing is all these countries thrived for a number of reasons but they foremost thrived because […]

The privatisation of water is as benign as Lucifer

Water privatisation is what will be the next bubble if the 1% can help it. Just imagine the planet would die in three days without water and the 1% want control over it. They want to speculate with it and control it and control who or what lives or dies. San Rafael, California — There […]

College conspiracy (full version)

The latest Alex Jones film about how students are conned into spending so much money they’ll be indentured servitude for the rest of their lives. Is that limited to the US. Well, just a week ago John Key and his National government announced they would be coming down on those unfortunates who borrowed to get […]