BP testifies: We knew about ‘big risk’ of explosion

And we want deep sea oil rigs why? BP knew. BP didn’t care. The company was aware that there was a “big risk” of an explosion at the Deepwater Horizon oil rig before that very disaster unfolded, an executive acknowledged Tuesday in court. “There was a risk identified for a blowout,” Lamar McKay, who was president […]


Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb: Who’s Who? Who is Behind the Terrorists?

Mali, Algeria, Niger. All countries which, until last week, not a lot of people paid attention too but which are now on the front pages of the MSM because, so we are told, al Qaeda is using Mali as a basis from which to prepare attacks just like the they did in Afghanistan if you […]

“Stage Two” of the BP Gulf of Mexico Environmental Disaster New Drilling Permits amid 28,000 Unmonitored Abandoned Wells

Since BP’s catastrophic Macondo Blowout in the Gulf of Mexico last year, the Obama Administration has granted nearly 300 new drilling permits [1] and shirked plans to plug 3,600 of more than 28,000 abandoned wells, which pose significant threats to the severely damaged sea. Among those granted new permits for drilling in the Gulf, on […]

BP profits hit record $13.4bn on soaring oil price

While Wall street crashes and thousands upon thousands of US citizens join the ranks of the homeless and the dispossessed it’s good to know there are still a few who are raking it in. Robin Pagnamenta BP, the British oil giant, unveiled a 23 per cent rise in profits this morning, boosted by record global […]