And Then They Come For The Bloggers

With every journalist and TV presenter including the 60 minute team either being fired or put under severe pressure to shut up about important political issues the police have begun to harass writers of the Daily Blog and the editor Martin Bradbury aka as Bomber. Bomber was in fact one of the very first journalists […]

Bomber, Gower And Lush Perpetuating The Crazy Conspiracy Theorist Meme Or Why I stand With Whaleoil

Patrick Gower ridicules Colin Graig, Cameron Slater Slithers from under his rock for more vile crap on his blog.

But as they say: I hate what you say but I’ll die for your right to say it!

Open Mike At The Daily Blog? Not Really!

(Update: My Comment has now been published a part of a whopping 4 comments! ) 😆 Ok that was fun. Bombers blog the Daily blog started an open mike feature today and I thought I’d write about JPMorgan Chase which currently advices the Cullen fund and which is being sued left right and center for […]

Oh Oops, Yemen is the true home of Al-Qaeda and yes it has oil too

Not that you would know from our mainstream media but the last few months they bombed the shit out of Yemen. Who? Saudi Arabia and the US of course. Why? Well according to the Telegraph Yemen is actually the real and true home of al-Qaeda and we know this in hind sight because? Well it […]

And they started out so well: 5 Years on – 101 Questions about 9/11

Why does Tim Selwyn from Tumeke call my Blog nutty for asking the same questions his mate Bomber asked two years ago? Where they answered satisfactorily? No. We still have to have answers to al of these questions. We are still killing Arabs. We are still having basic human rights taken away with new “anti-terror” […]