Live Happens While You’re Making Plans

Due to some, hopefully temporary, changes in my personal life I won’t be able to write as much as I have been over the past 8 years and I will be posting and linking to articles of people who write about stuff I think is worth learning about for the foreseeable future. Love to you […]

More online journalists than print journalists behind bars

And let’s not forget the US In a reflection of the digital age, more online journalists are jailed around the world than journalists from any other medium, the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) reported on Thursday. The New York-based media watchdog group, in its annual census of imprisoned journalists, said that as of December 1, […]

Russia in the New Zealand media

The NZ Herald follows the American line on Russia. Russia bad, America good. Russia is a big bad bully who attacked Georgia out of the blue and for no other reason than that they wanted to be “independent” and “democracy”. This from an article in the NZH: The warfare in a nation straining to escape […]

The amazing internet and the people who visit my site

I can’t get over the awesome reach of the internet. While most of my readers are from New Zealand and the US but sometimes  my reach seems to go  across the political devidesand the different cultures. These are some of the recent links made to my Blog. This morning I found that three people had […]