War pimp alert: US gives ‘major’ boost to covert ops in Iran: report

A covert operation is a military or political activity carried out in such a way that the parties responsible for the action can be an open secret, but cannot be proved. Covert and clandestine are related terms, but not interchangeable. According to a United States Department of Defense definition, a covert operation is: “ An […]

State-Sponsored Terror: British and American Black Ops in Iraq

Just for those Kiwi’s who still think the US and the UK are the good guys. Shining Light on the “Black World” In January of 2002, the Washington Post ran a story detailing a CIA plan put forward to President Bush shortly after 9/11 by CIA Director George Tenet titled, “Worldwide Attack Matrix,” which was […]

Bush sanctions ‘black ops’ against Iran

President George W Bush has given the CIA approval to launch covert “black” operations to achieve regime change in Iran, intelligence sources have revealed. Iran was sold defective parts on the black market Mr Bush has signed an official document endorsing CIA plans for a propaganda and disinformation campaign intended to destabilise, and eventually topple, […]