The Global Banking Game Is Rigged

Remember those $112 Billion in derivatives on the NZ balance sheets I talked about a year or so ago?   Taxpayers are paying billions of dollars for a swindle pulled off by the world’s biggest banks, using a form of derivative called interest-rate swaps; and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation has now joined a chorus […]

And The Looting Continues: Air NZ For Sale!

And if you think we can buy it back in about 6 years without TPP laws making us pay fines of billion so dollars for missed profit think again. John Key “No Asset Sales” Key will sign TPP secretly and make us all slaves to his masters. The Government has confirmed plans to sell down […]

On Greece’s bancrupcy, JP Morgan’s loss and those pesky Derivatives Johnny “Derivatives” Key and Bill “Double Dipton” English invested in.

Warren Buffet once famously called Derivatives a financial weapon of mass destruction but that hasn’t stopped the out of control banking sector to build a bubble worth $500 trillion to 1.5 Quadrillion and since the profits were privatised while the losses were socialised there has been no risk for the banksters. So if you have […]

The plunder commences: Risk of IMF calling on NZ$1.3 bln loan from NZ govt to help with Euro crisis rising, as rumours swirl of Italian bailout too big for the IMF’s coffers

Here is where John Key and his banking mates are commencing to plunder out coffers. More on this and John Key’s connection with the true owners of Fletcher building on Monday. I’m going to have a well deserved weekend off because I feel a tad drained after the election educational efforts! The risk of the […]

John Key: Cutting public sector jobs top of to-do list

Dear Kiwi’s just so you understand: more people unemployed means more people on the dole means more people spending less sending the economy in a tail spin. We are a service economy meaning we don’t produce anything other than Dairy, meat and wood and some techie products but most people either work in the service […]

Do you feel manipulated by any chance? I know I do.

Yesterday I zapped passed NZTV only to zap away quickly again when I saw Bill English’s ugly mug spread all over the screen. I don’t know about you but doesn’t it strike you as odd that a disgraced financial predator who shamelessly rorted the system for his own benefit (including an extra $ 20.- cleaning […]

The Tsunami that wiped Bill “double Dipton” English of the front page

Bill must be thanking his double dipping lucky butt for the Tsunami. It hurled him of the front page in one foul swoop. I acknowledge that the Tsunami is a disaster and newspapers should rightfully dedicate a part of their front page to the developments in Samoa. Time and space should be given to the […]

Bill English and John Key, who’s the staunchest Kiwi and why is it important.

I don’t like Bill English. I think he is arrogant, venal (Like that word), angry, greedy and dishonest. And while I recognise that he represents but a small group he represents a powerful group. Yes, dare I say it; the white upper class Anglo Saxon Kiwi male. And just in case of misunderstanding; does this […]

Labour needle English on spending cuts

Bill English, the man who things that it’s OK to rorting (what an arcane word let’s call it ripping off) the NZ taxpayers for $ 920.- week because he wants to keep his “family life balanced”, explains why he is OK with dumping disabled children of low income and giving $ 35 million to private […]

Wall street versus Main street.

Our PM, John Key is a ex banker. His career at Merrill Lynch was both as the global head of the Foreign Exchange department and the European head of the Bonds and Derivatives trade. In other words he was running the parasitical scam that is the Derivatives trade for Merril Lynch. He made $ 50 […]

So English wants to sit in the big chair eh?

It has been a public secret that Bill English wants to be the Poobah and that it has been a humiliation to him to have John Key elected as leader of National. There have been allegations of betrayal by John Key during the leadership elections and Bill wasn’t a happy camper about it all. Suspicions […]

More controversial comments caught on tape

Rich pricks hubris. Business as usual. The controversial and damaging secret tape recordings from National’s annual conference have made a return to the election campaign and once again National’s Bill English is the target. 3 News has obtained another exclusive secret recording of English where he suggests that it is about winning at all costs […]

Lockwood Smith secretly recorded, suggests National has hidden agenda

Just as Bill English and John Key were moving to shut down the Kiwibank controversy, 3News has received more recordings which suggest National has a hidden agenda. 3News has been in contact with the person who made the secret recordings of Bill English at the National Party Conference on Friday night, who had further secret […]