No Compassion Permit? Kill That Deer Or Why You Should Not Be Surprised Beyoncé Wears Sneakers Made Of Snakes Skinnned Alive!

Here you are: A couple which finds a sad little sick Bambi alone in the big bad world and who, driven by compassion for the little critter,  take it home to treat it back to health after they can’t find a place in any of the official shelters only to find themselves facing jail time. […]

Beyoncé, Copyright and a $40 million Private Jet? They even Stole our Music.

Last week the MSM was a flutter with some extraordinary news! Beyoncé had bought hubby a private jet for fathers day! The jet had a value it was alleged of $ 40 million. I had to think about that for a couple of days as to why that upset me so. Was I jealous of […]