The Daily Mail Touts The Fern Flag As The New Flag!

If we decide to ditch the old flag so says the Daily Mail the fern will replace the old flag. I don’t know about you but I feel that it is a bit premature to make this world news just yet and me thinks that some powerful interests don’t want us to even have the […]

The Maori Party shows its true Colours once again! No DU ban thanks to Pita Sharples!

I respect the fact that Tangi’s are important and need to be attended but they last for three days for a reason; To make sure that everybody has the opportunity to pay their respects and to share the grief with the family if and when they can make it. To be an elected representative of […]

Diplomatic post ‘live option’ for Clark – Key

What price betrayal? Now we know. Helen Clark, who was once known as one of the most aware world leaders, can’t have been unaware of the true nature of our privately owned financial system. I know enough people send her al the information she needed. She knew alright about our “create money out of thin […]

Parliament in urgency

I apologise in advance for the next rant but I am so incredibly angry and frustrated with the Kiwi stupidity that I have to let of some steam. When I still commented on the Standard site I predicted this months and months ago. I was called a conspiracy nut and Tane one of the moderators […]

The Team Obama Should Have Picked

Y’all still think the US is a Democracy? By RAMZI KYSIA I feel cheated. I feel betrayed. And I’m not even a Democrat. Our nation hasn’t yet finished counting all the election returns, but the outlines of a future Obama Administration are already clear: Clinton at State, Geithner at Treasury, Summers to head the National […]

For shame: The Maori party leadership has sold it’s soul.

Perhaps it is fitting that with the Pakeha working class the Maori workers find out that the elite will sell out to the elite and leave the little people, Maori or otherwise to fend for themselves no matter what colour or race or culture. Today the Maori party leadership aligned themselves with a party who […]