Draghi and Bernanke’s Worst Nightmares Are About to Unfold and So Are Mine

When Draghi (Ex Goldman Sachs and CEO of the European Central Bank) and Bernanke decided that printing infinite billions of worthless digital numbers was the way to go they started the final countdown to the end of our current fiat financial system. Here is what their nightmare is. Mine is the billions of us who […]

New World Order:Bernanke tells the Council for Foreign Relations we need global finance system.

The Council for Foreign Relations is sort of like the Business Round table of New Zealand. It has all the top industrialists, bankers and politicians as it’s members. Cheney for example was it’s top dog for a while and the Rockefeller family figure prominently on it’s member ship list. Here Darth Cheney and David are […]

Key: It won’t be carnage. Volcker: Crisis May be Even Worse than Depression.

While the rest of the world burns and “Carnage” is evident to even the most myopic idiot who bothers to read anything other than the New Zealand MSM, our (ex)-banking Prime Minister reassures us in an interview with two journalists who should have their official address noted as: John Key’s asshole, “it won’t be”, read […]

Star of an R-Rate Snuff Film

Bryon King sends us this note: “While Ms. H. Rodham-Clinton and Mr. B. (No Middle Name) Obama battle out over who will be the Democratic Party nominee for U.S. president, there is another Great Smack-down occurring within American politics. “This other match – a true eye-gouging, ear-biting cage-match by any standards – may well determine […]