Barclays traders are damned by their own emails which reveal how they bragged about rigging energy prices to make profits

Echo’s of Enron! Emails and phone messages between foul-mouthed Barclays traders in New York reveal how they bragged about rigging energy prices in America to make huge profits. Critics yesterday said the expletive-ridden correspondence provides further evidence of the ‘rotten culture of casino banking’ that built up under disgraced former boss Bob Diamond. The bank […]

Banks, Global Elite Confirmed to Hold $32 Trillion in Offshore Accounts

We can solve this problem in one foul swoop. Declare independence and start printing our own money again. Iceland told the bankers to shove it were the sun don’t shine and hired themselves a posse to find the scumbags who ruined their economy and financial sovereignty and they are doing just fine. One can only […]

Is John Key Complicit in the LIBOR Crime Wave?

The first court case in the LIBOR (London interbank offered rate) crime wave was started in August 2011. One of the banks involved was the Bank of America where John Key has most of his paper wealth. Here is the court paper: Question: Why isn’t John Key fuming on behalf of us that we have […]

Questions I would Like to Ask John Key about the LIBOR Scandal!

Update: FBI to begin investigations into the LIBOR rigging scam and What was said in the phone call between Mervyn Kings deputy and Barclays. It was only three weeks ago that John Key met with Mervyn King the Governor of the Bank of England and while we know everything about his conversation with the Queen […]