John Key Wants New Zealand To Be A Secrecy Jurisdiction (Tax Haven) For Ever And Ever And Ever……

Here is an 8 minute long video about what the TPPA and TISA will do to New Zealand and every other country that signs on to them. the same will happen in Europe when the elite pushes TTIP through. And here is what Ellen Brown has to say about it: In March 2014, the Bank […]

Vinny Eastwood, Bill Black And Me: All You Need To Know About Control Fraud And John Key!

For those of you interested in what Bill Black, a man who put over a thousand bankers in jail and who travels around the globe to educate entire Governments about why Control fraud is such a pervasive, hideous form of fraud, has to say about putting a Merrill Lynch banker on the board of Guardians […]


John Key Wants War Between Maori And Pakeha. Are You Going To Let Him?

On the 4th of February 2016 two days before Waitangi day. John Key intends to sign the TPPA. The treaty will allow international corporations to usurp most of New Zealand’s sovereignty. It will deregulate the financial industry, allow corporations to sue our government for loss of profit if we don’t let them run rough shod […]

“Sir” Richard Branson And 20.000 Dead refugees A Story Of Inequality To Raise Your Hairs.

This morning I opened my usual news sites and two articles stood out. The articles were about two kinds of “refugees”. One of the stinking greedy rich kind and one of the poor refugee dying in a boat accident kind. Here are two tales on both ends of the wealth spectrum: “Sir” Richard Branson leaves […]

Hank Paulson’s inside jobs

  If there was any justice Hank Paulson former secretary of the treasury would be one of those who should be given to the people of America handcuffed and unable to resist what they wanted to mete  out to the scamming bankster class and if there was anything left of him I’m sure the Greek […]

Tourists may face national park fees

With the global economic collapse causing serious financial problems for New Zealand’s toirism industry Bankster Tourist minister John Key has found another way to squeeze money out of the country for his banking mates. And it seems that in order to avoid Congestion (Have you ever seen any congestion in the National parks) and “lower […]

John Key versus S&P: Just another fear mongering bankster!

When a rich Wall street bankster wants his way this is what he does: He calls a meeting of those he wants to bully into submission and says: “If you don’t do what I want the sky will fall down, Our ratings will go down, and there will be blood in the streets and even […]

John Key’s going up in the world

Wow, a whole week of no access to internet and news. It took me two days to just get back up and running again. So what’s up? John Key is meeting with Obama and going on the late show with Letterman, NZ is going to destroy some of it’s pristine nature reserves, big business is […]

They Did It On Purpose: The Housing Bubble & Its Crash were Engineered by the US Government, the Fed & Wall Street

Richard C. Cook is a former U.S. federal government analyst, whose career included service with the U.S. Civil Service Commission, the Food and Drug Administration, the Carter White House, NASA, and the U.S. Treasury Department. His articles on economics, politics, and space policy have appeared in numerous websites and print magazines. His book on monetary […]