10 Reasons Why The Global Economy Is About To Experience Its Own Version Of “Sharknado”

Tomtidomtidom…. Here is what keeps john Key awake at night; Most of his money is in Bank of America and guess what, he knows that bank is going to go down!!!! Soon!!!! Have you ever seen a disaster movie that is so bad that it is actually good?  Well, that is exactly what Syfy’s new […]

On GIABO, Corruption and Bankers Arses Or Why I Love The Irish!

“Just, as Drummer (then-CEO David Drumm) would say, ‘picked it out of my arse’.” Head of Capital Markets, Anglo Irish bank John Bowe. 2008

Yeah and we’ll be saying ‘Yeah , because, a stress because HBOS were fucking sold and Lehmans went bust and fucking Bank of America fucking took over Merrills and other fucking non-normal things happened, you cunt’. David Drumm, the Chief Executive at Anglo Irish bank at the time of the crisis. (2008)

And than all shit hit the fan and I said: “Right, I’m out of here”. John Key, Upon the Bankers trust bank imploding after they were caught selling fraudulent Derivatives to, amongst others, Proctor and Gamble Inc (1995)

Presenting The S&P500’s 50 Point Surge Courtesy Of The Illegal “Geithner Leak”

Yesterday we broke the news of what is prima facie evidence, sourced by none other than the Federal Reserve’s official August 16, 2007 conference call transcript, that then-NY Fed president and FOMC Vice Chairman Tim Geithner leaked material, non-public, and very much market moving information (the “Geithner Leak”) to at least one banker, in this […]

So How Did John Key Lose Five Million?

Let me start with a disclaimer: I don’t know how the National Business Review gathers its intelligence with regards to the rich listers. I do think that they are in the business of knowing and  they would not be much of a publications if they did not do some due diligence. And added to that […]

Is John Key Complicit in the LIBOR Crime Wave?

The first court case in the LIBOR (London interbank offered rate) crime wave was started in August 2011. One of the banks involved was the Bank of America where John Key has most of his paper wealth. Here is the court paper: Question: Why isn’t John Key fuming on behalf of us that we have […]

BofA, Merrill Lynch, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs and John Key or how Every Time a Banker Opens his Mouth he’s Lying

As the global financial collapse spins out of control our Prime Minister, John Key wants to bring the same banks up to their necks in fraudulent activity to New Zealand. His Financial minister invested $112 billion of borrowed money in the products now collapsing our global economy while the 1.2 quadrillion bubble built buy these criminals is being exposed for what it is: a digital phantom “worth” more than 20 times the Global GDP. Do bankers really lie whenever they open their mouths?

Bank of America: Too Crooked to Fail

Now that people are catching on to what a nasty piece of work Johnny “Derivatives” Key really is I thought I’d repost Matt Taibi’s excellent essay on the Bank of America which holds most of his wealth making him the most compromised Prime minister this country has ever seen. At least Bank of America got […]

Never mind Banks how about John Key’s conflicts of interest?!

Should John Key sack John Banks for his lack of moral compass when it comes to accepting money for political influence? I think this is a clear case of monkey see, monkey do and John Banks is small fry when it comes to corruption. If you want to see some major league corruption you have […]

On the Bankers Trust’s Rip off factor, having shares in the most corrupt bank in the world and Goldman Sach’s Muppets or why John Key should have no place in NZ politics

This week John Key opened the Bathurst Resources’ office and the Green party called it inappropriate for John Key to do so but is it? In order to understand why opening the Bathurst Resources office is totally appropriate for John Key you have to understand whose interests John Key is serving and here is a […]

You didn’t think they’d take it lying down did you? The first Greek PSI lawsuits begin!

In a move that could trigger the entire global financial system to collapse even faster than it is already collapsing a multitude of hedge funds is entering into court cases to force the five to big to fail to make good on their derivatives scams and make them pay out on the defaulted Greek bonds. […]

There are two things every American needs to know about Bank of America.

Last summer, for instance, the Bank – in order to satisfy creditors who were nervous about the enormous quantity of risky assets on its balance sheet – decided to move some $73 trillion (that’s trillion, with a T) in exotic derivative bets from one end of the company into the federally-insured, depository side of the […]

Better late than never: Finally a lawsuit to sue the banks involved in illegal foreclosures

Update: Oh oops, Bank of America just crashed through the $4 mark and is dragging the entire market with them to the tune of tens of billions of dollars!!! Bank of America where John Key holds most of his paper wealth is one of the banks who played a huge role in kicking millions of […]

Is John Key’s Bank of America spamming SGT blog and if so why?

Here is SGT blog. It is a blog critical of big corporations and the Financial elite. It is well worth visiting and their information is very interesting which might well be why Bank of America is trolling it so heavily.

It’s official; 60 % of Kiwi voters have Stockholm syndrome or welcome to NZ goldman Sachs

In England they are preparing for major riots not if but when the Euro collapses and both Greece and Italy are already ruled by unelected Goldman Sachs stooges. In America MF Global is the first bank to steal their customers money without consequences and Bank of America owned by the Rothschild’s and the bank to […]

10 Reasons Bank of America Is the Most Hated Bank in America

The Bank of America, the bank in which John Key has millions worth of shares, plays a big role in the destabilisation of the entire global banking system. It is considered to be one of the too big to fail banks and as such received billions of Bail out money in 2008. It also bought […]

Ask questions? Here are acouple of questions for John Key!

Here is one I would like an answer too but I won’t be holding my breath: Is Wall street banker John Key aware that Bank of America in which he holds a great number of shares has just put $ 53 TRILLION worth of Derivatives with which he made his fortune on the tax payers […]

Oh Shit John Key’s not going to like this: Goodbye Bank Of America Settlement

BofA bought Merrill Lynch in September 2008. Rumours abound that Paulson the then Goldman Sachs Secretary of treasury pressured the BofA to buy Merrill Lynch and a good part of the TARP bailout went into making up for the losses of Merrill Lynch.  Merrill Lynch had been a trailblazer in the Derivatives and Bonds trade […]

Bad Bank of America

Bank of America reported its fiscal first quarter 2009 earnings today in a fraudulent sham and spectacle rigged to exaggerate profits while hiding losses. It was an old page torn from the remarkably thin play book called Masters Shaft the Universe. Once again, America’s decrepit financial sector has proved that it’s better to have weak […]

Merril Lynch bail out or buy out

ank of America’s buyout of Merrill Lynch seemed laughable to me – that is until I realized the full picture. With a $50 billion all-stock deal valued at $29 per share, at first glance it might appear that Bank of America doesn’t stand to lose much considering its stock is at least 50% overvalued by […]