ROFL! Deutsche Bank Hid $12 Billion In Losses To Avoid A Government Bail-Out

For all the numb sculls who thought Germany was going to save the day. This system is going down no matter what! Forget the perfectly anticipated Greek (selective) default. This is the real deal. The FT just released a blockbuster that Europe’s most important and significant bank, Deutsche Bank, hid $12 billion in losses during […]


Bailouts Led to Backstopping Derivatives Clearinghouses

In the coming days I will pay extensive attention to Clearing houses, their role in the Financial world and the fact that since September New Zealand has its own Clearing house and what that might mean for us private citizens.

Next is Cyprus!

And here is the next one!!! PARIS — Cyprus on Monday said it was formally requesting a bailout from the European Union in a bid to bolster its struggling banks, making it the fifth euro zone country to request a rescue. The announcement came after weeks of concern that the crisis in Greece and a […]

Now England is throwing worthless paper at the economy

The UK is the centre of the most unregulated banking system. In fast much of the UK’s 10x GDP dept is banking debt and counting. So it should come as no surprise that the Government and the Bank of England run by one of John Key’s banking mates does not want that to collapse and […]

Sud Deutschland formerly known as Greece: 160 German tax collectors to “assist” the Greek in collecting their taxes?

I don’t support Max Keiser’s opinion that Germany is conquering Europe by stealth. I am of the opinion that like the US it is being used as a bully to destroy the European Nation states in order to become part of the global system ruled by the Financial bankster elite and if it goes to […]

As Greece Deems 66% CAC Bondholder Acceptance Sufficient, Has It Threatened To Scuttle Its Bailout All Over Again?

According to the Wall Street Journal, the Greek threshold for “successful” CAC passage is now expected to be just 66%, far below the 95% discussed yesterday. Says the WSJ: “The Greek government is aiming for a minimum participation of least two-thirds of bond holders in a planned debt exchange, a finance ministry official said Tuesday, […]

Now you have to pay to have a job in Greece

As Greece signs the bail out conditions bringing abject poverty to its people here are some of the details emerging. In what can only be described as daylight robbery the austerity measures are to be calculated as of November 2011 forcing 64.000 public sector workers (Amongst them 21.000 teachers, 13.000 municipal employees and 30.000 civil […]

Is this the future of New Zealand?

As the details of the financial deal between Greece and the bankster terrorists begin to emerge so do the photo’s of the homeless and the destitute in the soup kitchens and it’s a hideous picture with truth be told evil conditions the international finance gangsters are putting the bail of themselves while the Greek people […]

So much news so little time

It is now 8:14 am and I have read I think about 200 news pages since 6:00 am. I have 80 pages left all with news worthy information which won’t make it or only on page 5 in the Mud stream media instead I have encountered the death of Pop diva turned almost bankrupt crack […]

Greek parliament prepares a tunnel for evacuation.

The Greek parliament will today (Our evening) vote to turn over the Greek sovereignty to the international bankster elite and they rightfully presume that the people who actually live in the country and who don’t want to be ruled by faceless unelected banksters are pissed off.  So in order to escape the  rightful wrath of […]

A Program of Financial Concentration: Was the Bailout Itself a Scam?

While the scamsters at the top of AIG pay themselves bonusses it pays  to remember that the amount of money they paid themselves is just mere fraction of the amount they received. The lump sum of the bail out goes to the banksters who insured their dodgy bets with AIG. yep you got it in […]

‘Run on UK’ sees foreign investors pull $1 trillion out of the City

The problem with the digitalisation of banks is of course that you don’t get to see when a bank run actually happens. That is good for the insiders because they get to take their money our while they still can but it’s bad news for the man on the street because he only gets to […]

Follow the Money? Treasury Doesn’t Wanna

The Treasury Department has invested about $197 billion of the bailout money. About $49 billion more should soon be out the door (see our running tally here). Are banks boosting lending? Are they hording it? Are they using it to gobble up smaller banks? Who knows. The Treasury Department certainly doesn’t have much of an […]

Government to wipe out Fannie/Freddie shareholders by Sunday

And now what could become history’s biggest transfer of tax dollars to bail out bad lending begins. Last month Congress passed a bill that gave the Treasury Department $800 billion to bail out Fannie Mae (NYSE: FNM) and Freddie Mac (NYSE: FRE). And while it is unclear how much money will be used to bail […]

Pols: Govt here to help, not bail out

Pols: Govt here to help, not bail outSelling Housing Aid Proposals in Washington Means Staying Out of Bailout Neighborhood ALAN ZIBEL AP News Mar 02, 2008 16:07 EST Bailout is a dirty word in the nation’s capital. Lately, efforts by both Democrats and Republicans to clean up the housing mess are getting sullied with the […]