GLOBAL MARKETS-U.S. stocks plunge to decade low, flee risk

Armaggedon has arrived. * Oil falls under $50 a barrel to three-year low * Debt rallies after U.S. jobless data raises growth fears * 10-year Treasury note yield at five-decade low * U.S. dollar, euro extend losses vs yen on risk aversion (Adds close of U.S. markets) By Herbert Lash NEW YORK, Nov 20 (Reuters) […]

AIPAC rules the foreign policy of the USA

Portrait of a taboo. AIPAC the powerful Israeli lobby that rules the USA foreign policy to the point that it is detrimental to the USA itself. Why don’t we have documentaries like this on NZTV? Why don’t we talk about Israel and it’s pressure on the USA, because you will be called an Anti-Semite.

Lobbying for Armageddon: Or would you vote for John mcCain if you were American

Still feel good about being on America’s coalition of the willing? Some influential evangelical leaders are lobbying for an attack on Iran. But it’s not about geopolitics — it’s about bringing about the End Times. Rev. John Hagee, a leading cheerleader for the countdown to Armageddon. In a perfect world, a reporter at last week’s […]