Asset sales and Nationalisation, Argentina leads the way!

  Yesterday John Key got his way. Of course he did and I’m trying to get confirmation but it is rumoured that Goldman Sachs will do the selling. No wonder it costs us $120 million and that is cheap. The Greek paid $ 300 million to Goldman Sachs for their demise. Actually I take that […]

Argentina: the blueprint for programmed economic collapse

It has been argued that Argentina was the trial run for the current global financial collapse. Whatever your believes this documentary is a stunning and scary documentation of the total devastation of the Argentinean economy during the collapse of 1999.

“Occupy, resist, produce”

Naomi Klein and Avi Lewis report on how Argentina’s worker-run factories have nurtured a powerful social movement, while seamstress Matilda Adorno explains how a dispute over pay became a political struggle On 19 March 2003, we were on the roof of the Zanón ceramic tile factory, filming an interview with Cepillo. He was showing us […]