Hellstorm: The Genocide Of The Germans

A couple of days ago A facebook friend and someone I have the greatest respect for gave me a link to a film I know is going to get up peoples noses big time. His name is Gilad Atzmon. Gilad is a Jew, an ex-Israeli and a fervent anti-Zionist. His journey is a difficult one […]

Nuclear News RSS Feeds Expanded

As the ongoing deterioration and radioactive apocalypse of Fukushima is unfolding without even the most basic information in our mainstream media I thought it was time to put two of the most consistent alternative news  blogs relaying the truth of what is happening there at the top of my RSS feeds on the left side […]

Rumours have it that JP Morgan Is On The Way Out!

Over the past couple of days rumours are circulating that a big banks is on the verger of collapse and many of them associate that banks with JP Morgan. This just crossed my desk and if true we are looking at apocalypse! Here is a iconograph showing the exposure of the five to big too […]

Fukushima Is Continually Blasting All Of Us With High Levels Of Cesium, Strontium And Plutonium And Will Slowly Kill Millions For Years To Come

Fukushima is now far and away the worst nuclear disaster in all of human history.  Chernobyl was a Sunday picnic compared to Fukushima and the amount of cesium-137 released at Fukushima this year so far is equivalent to 168 Hiroshima bombs.  The crisis at Fukushima is far, far worse than you have been told.  We […]

Dr. Helen Caldicott speaks about the Fukushima apocalypse

While John Key dilly dallies between the V8 races and formal dinners with army helicopters, Rob Fife proclaims Tokyo and Japan safe and Nick Smith is going to Japan to preach carbon restraint and having a holiday let’s hear it from Dr. Helen Caldicott who has been speaking the truth about Uranium and Nuclear energy […]

Nuclear Apocalypse in Japan

This article written by Keith Harmon Snow is a sobering assessment of the reality on the ground in Japan concerning the Fukushima reactor meltdown. As the sun set over quake-stricken Japan on Thursday 17 March 2011, we learned that four of six Fukushima nuclear reactor sites are irradiating the earth, that the fire is burning […]

Capitalism’s Self-inflicted Apocalypse

And while you are pondering the impact of my previous posts and you try to get some of this out on blogs such a the Standard where people are still discussing the pro’s and con’s of Socialism versus Capitalism this is something you might want to point them too. By Michael Parenti February 10, 2009 […]

The Coming Catastrophe? War with Iran.

If the United States attacks Iran either this summer or this fall, the American people had better be prepared for a shock that may perhaps be even greater to the national psyche (and economy) than 9/11. First of all, there will be significant U.S. casualties in the initial invasion. American jets will be shot down […]