Jews Ordered To Register In East Ukraine But Who Is Doing The Ordering?

This morning the Daily mail online newspaper featured a big pictured of Putin with under it the text: Jews ordered to register, World War III? When I went back there sometime later the text had changed to: Jews ordered to register and list property in East Ukraine. Apart from the fact that it is of […]

Setting up for civil war in the US: Police training video about Islam

Will this justify the use of the FEMA camps and possibly an all out civil war in the US? Ominous music plays as images appear on the screen: Muslim terrorists shoot Christians in the head, car bombs explode, executed children lie covered by sheets and a doctored photograph shows an Islamic flag flying over the […]

Anti-Zionism growing amongst Jews

How confusing this must be to most Kiwi’s! Due to their ignotrance (typo but is is so very much how most Kiwi’s blunder through life I’ve decided to keep it in) in most matters overseas and the constant propaganda from the New Zealand Zionist Federation which supported John Key’s accent to the Prime ministerial seat […]

Standing up to Jewish terrorism

Before you go all anti-Semitic on me let me tell you that this is an article from  the Haaretz, an Israeli newspaper. The government’s decision to declare the House of Contention in Hebron a closed military zone was an inevitable step, but if it does not lead to the necessary phase then it is liable […]

Footage shows ‘settler attack’ on Palestinians

Amazing, a mainstream news paper can’t get around the news that Jewish settlers are terrorising Palestinians and the  only photo they can come up with is a young stone throwing Palestinian. The story is about abuse by Jewish settlers against Palestinians. They even have video of it so they could have used a still from […]

Billboards upset Jews

I find this truly revolting. Prime TV has pulled billboards advertising a programme after the Jewish community complained. The billboards, in Auckland and Wellington, advertised Madmen: The Glory Years of Advertising and bore the slogan: “Advertising Agency Seeks: Clients. All business considered, even from Jews,” the Dominion Post reported. Jewish Council chairman Geoff Levy said […]

McCain’s Pastor Hagee on Hitler and the Jews

yep, we’re dealing with real sane people over there in America, it’s a good thing we’re with them on the good side. John Hagee, the controversial pastor who has endorsed John McCain, argued in a late 1990s sermon that God sent Hitler to help the Jews get to the promised land (Israel, not Auschwitz). Why […]