Peace, Love an Justice? That’s The Good Guys Talking Right?

Well actually nope. Not if you count as the good guys the Western countries egged on by Netanyahu from Israel gagging for an attack on Iran! Those guys were talking war and red lines at the UN this week. The designated crazy du jour: the legal and out going president of the Islamic Republic of […]

The Full and Last Speech of Ahmadinajad Before The UN

Ahmadinajad who returns to University life after the next elections gave a last speech before the UN. What was interesting is that the Israeli representatives walked out when he began to talk about the events of 9/11 as history changing. But what was even more interesting it the fact that the US delegation did not!

Meet John Key: our New World Order stooge or are you ready for WWIII

We might as well start sprinkling Depleted Uranium dust on our breakfast cereals from now on and save them the bother. If you had any doubt that once again New Zealand is the property of the shady banking world ruling our planet and that we for all intends and purposes call the New World Order […]

Full Text of President Ahmadinejad’s Remarks at U.N. Conference on Racism

While the general Kiwi population happily accepts that just because the MSM tells them so that President Ahmadinajad is “like” Hitler, Pot pol and any other tyrant combined I thought that perhaps, for those of you who would like to form their own opinion based on as diverse as possible information, it would be prudent […]