Is Shearer Promoting Agenda 21 By Collapsing The Housing Market?

I am paying a mortgage for a house which I won’t be able to pay off in my lifetime. I live out in the country side. Around me are farmers who are struggling to pay off their mortgages and won’t be able to pay them off in their lifetime. I am aware that we are […]

On Dying Cities, Weird Growth Predictions Or is Agenda 21 At Play Here

About a year ago I started inquiring about a top up on our mortgage to invest in a new workshop. The first question was how far away I lived from a city. I told the lady and it was apparently within the allowed radius as we got our top up and are now the proud […]


NZ Signs Food Safety Deal With US. You might Want To Watch This Video To Understand What That Means: Farmageddon

New Zealand is the first country to sign a food safety deal with the US. What that means? Well, Let’s put it this way Michael R. Taylor is the second in command of the FDA (The Food and Drug Administration). He is also a former Vice President for Public Policy at Monsanto Corp. One of […]

David Shearer, Globalism and the International Institute for Strategic Studies or why you should be very careful in the next election

Update: With Karol posting an excellent article at the Standard about David Schearer and his dubious attitudes towards mercenaries and coercion in global conflicts I thought I would repost me earlier article on David Schearer. First posted on: 29/05/2012 While most Kiwis still labour (no pun intended) under the illusion that we have free elections […]

Tightening the noose around our necks because they are stupid? Yeah right!

When you listen to people as they get upset about what National is doing to this country you hear a lot of them calling this government stupid, corrupt and greedy. While that is mostly correct and there are a lot of stupid corrupt and greedy people in our government today there is also some very […]

On Agenda 21, Microchipping Soldiers and Depopulation Techniques.

According to the Club of Rome, a population reduction is necessary to become sustainable. They reckon about 0.5 billion would be a nice figure for this planet. That may be so. Clearly some regions of the world have populations putting an inordinate amount of pressure on the globes resources. But think about what reducing the […]