You Get A Flag, We Get The Loot!

Yesterday, we were told we are going to spend $ 10 million on selecting what is basically a piece  of polyester with a drawing on it. We are going to do so because we need a more modern flag. I hear you go WTF? Where did that come from? And to be  sure I have […]

New Leaked Texts Reveal Details of US Attack on Pharmac in Free Trade Talks

In America 50 million people have no healthcare because they can’t afford. That is one in every 6 people. Most personal bankruptcies are through hospital costs by people who actually had insurance. The end of our healthcare and Americanising it would mean the same for NZ. While ACC isn’t perfect I would hope you lot […]

Prison Policies a Recipe for Disaster

I don’t usually link to press releases but I think that this one warrants attention. Let’s not forget that National has been known to want to privatise the prison system. Is this why they implement this stricter regime? Will they collapse the system through overburdening prison staff, and antagonising prisoners who will become re offenders […]

National’s ACC plans gets murkier

News that the Australian insurance industry is lining up to profit over National’s secret plans to privatise ACC means the party must come clean on their intentions, the Council of Trade Unions said today. “Last month we issued a ‘please explain’ to National, after reported comments from their spokesperson and deputy leader that they were […]

Job Losses And Increased Costs If ACC Privatised

Hello, People this is not just any bank, this is John Key’s old Boss. Why was John Key have breakfast with his old bosses in their office in London in Oktober last year? Wednesday, 2 July 2008, 1:57 pm Press Release: Public Service Association PSA MEDIA RELEASE July 2, 2008 For Immediate Use PSA Concerned […]