War Monger Alert About Another Nameless NZHerald Editorial: NZ must be ready to join fight against Isis

Add to that the speech from Cameron about having to fight extremism including 9/11 truth and you know we’ve got a big problem. Its called World War III. If ground forces can rid Iraq of the murderers known as Isis, New Zealand should be there. This country ought to be counted among the nations that […]

Taken To a Psychiatric Ward for telling The Truth Ex-Marine Brandon Raub to Be Set Free!

Locking people up in Psychiatric wards because of their opinions has always been a tool of totalitarian rulers. To find this attempted in the US is only another sign of how far they have sunk towards totalitarianism and suppression. Thank the Gods for Judges such as Circuit Judge W. Allan Sharrett!  —————————————————————- A judge today […]

It Is Conclusive – 9/11 Aircraft Airborne Well After Crash – Pilots For 9/11 Truth Forum

Here is a link to the site of Pilots for 911 truth site. According to data released via a FOIA request it appears flight  United 93, N591UA, which reportedly crashed in Shanksville was still receiving and sending data some 500 miles from the alleged crash site It Is Conclusive – 9/11 Aircraft Airborne Well After […]

Lynn Margulis: 1938-2011

Rest in peace dear Lynn. You courageous wonderful woman you! Lynn Margulis: 1938-2011 The family of Lynn Margulis has announced that she died at home on Tuesday, November 22, at the age of 73. She had suffered a serious hemorrhagic stroke on Friday, November 18 – so serious that there was no chance of recovery. […]

NYCAN: New York City Coalition for Accountability Now

To most New Zealanders the events of 911 are firmly placed in the past. Two Kiwis died in the attacks but they are forgotten and accepted as victims of 19 crazed Arab hijackers who flew three planes in to the twin towers and the Pentagon and the third was heroically stopped from flying into the […]

It’s not to late for the truth

This is a group of 911 survivors and family members of those who perished that day who want a new investigation into the events of that day. Over 63.000 New Yorkers have signed the petition to demand a new investigation. The New York City Coalition for Accountability Now has come together to lead a disciplined […]

Politicians for 911 truth

It is with great pride that I link to the announcement of 20 courageous politicians that they are in favour of a new and independent investigation of the events of 911. I have had the honour of meeting with both Dr. Bowman and Yukihisa Fujita last year during the March 911 truth conference and I […]

More 911 websites every day

I just received another link to a prominent website about 911 and decided to dedicate a post to the fat that more and more professional groups unite around the topic of the events of 911. All these sites share one common denominator the quest for a new and independent investigation into the events of 911. […]

The Grandchildren 0f Holocaust Survivors from WWII are doing to the Palestinians exactly what was done to them by Nazi Germany

(More news under this post) Thank you John Bursill for sending me this and thank you for your tireless effort in standing beside me and all those other beautiful peace and 911 truth activists in our struggle for justice. Just in case you were wondering what a concentration camp looks like, here’s a hint: you […]

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Russian Poll: 84% Say Truth About 9/11 Being Deliberately Hidden

Global awakening taking place as people across the world express doubts over the official story behind 9/11 reddit_url=’http://www.infowars.net/articles/September2008/120908truthmovement.htm’ reddit_title=’Russian Poll: 84% Say Truth About 9/11 Being Deliberately Hidden’ digg_title = ‘Russian Poll: 84% Say Truth About 9/11 Being Deliberately Hidden’; digg_bodytext = ”; digg_topic = ‘politics’; Steve Watson Infowars.net Friday, Sept 12, 2008 farkItButton(“Russian Poll: […]

The WTC 7 collapse series: Breaking: Barry Jennings Uncut

On the 19th August 2008 Barry Jennings died. It has taken a month to get this confirmed. It is impossible to find out how he died and nobody who knew him wants to talk about it. Barry Jennings was the most outspoken witness and described explosions before the Twin towers collapsed in WTC 7. His […]

35 Years After Original 9/11: New Transcripts of Kissinger’s Role in Chilean Coup

Kissinger is a war criminal. He cannot travel abroad to several countries because he would be taken to prison and convicted for war crimes. This is the man the government wanted to lead the 911 Commission. One of his clients? the Bin Laden family. When Henry Kissinger began secretly taping all of his phone conversations in 1969, […]

Nader Calls For New 9/11 Investigation

Independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader pledged support for a new investigation into the events of 9/11 Monday, commenting that the 9/11 Commission was “flawed, right from the get go”. Nader was questioned by members of We Are Change Ohio at a campaign rally in Cincinnati, Ohio earlier this week. Asked if he supported the 9/11 […]

Breaking the silence

While most Kiwi’s still think that we are in Afghanistan to “help” the Afghans John Pilger’s documentary shows us I hope there is a very special place in hell for the likes of Bush, Cheney, Blair, Cristol. While Pilger in this documentary does not deal with the actual attacks on 911 it is clear that […]

9/11 and New Zealand’s long slumber

As I told you a week or so ago Putin is ready to share with the Russian population about what he knew the moment it happened; 911 was an inside job. With the US gagging for a war in Georgia and threatening to build a missile system at the Russian borders Putin needs his people […]

Japanese prime minister resigns

Now this is interesting. The biggest opposition party is the Democratic party and is very likely to be voted in as the new ruling party. With this the quest for a new and independent 911 investigation comes a whole lot closer. Yuki Fujita, a member of the democratic parliamentarians has openly questioned the veracity of […]

I’m in very, very good company: meet Robin Hordon

The gentleman whom I want to introduce next has an extraordinary amount of knowledge about airplane safety and hijacking protocols. Why? It was his job to know. he was a Former FAA Air Traffic Controller at the Boston Air Route Traffic Control Center, located in Nashua, NH, 1970 – 1981.  Former Certified Commercial Pilot.  Former […]

911 false flag

While in Europe the events of 911 are bwing disected on mainstream TV and more and more people are awakening to the fact that only three steelframed buildings have collapsed into a pyroclastic flow into their own footprints and even more staggering, in freefall speed two in under 11 seconds and one in under 7 […]

11 September, Wellington and 911 truth.

I will come to Wellington just before the 11th to support you, Wellingtonian 911 truthers. We should be having a field day with WTC 7 and the ridiculous NIST explanation. LOL. I am very curious to meet you all and look forward to a day of action. I will be burning high quality DVD’s with […]

“Jersey Girl” Patty Casazza and Bob McIlvaine

It is for Patty and Bob and the tens of thousands of family members, first responders, the US soldiers who died and the millions of Afghan and Iraqi victims of the illegal wars of wanton aggression that I and many others keep asking questions. We will continue to ask question and we will never ever […]

Fire fighters tear Government “911 evidence” apart

This week the NIST gave the most hilarious and incompetent reason for the collapse of the WTC 7 building. At the same time a group of fire fighters had enough of the obviously incompetent and disingenuous NIST “911 investigations” and put out their take on the events of 911. Now that US fire fighters have […]

I am in very good company: meet the firefighters for 911 truth.

Not so long ago Steve Pierson a blogger at the Standard and on the hole a reasonably intelligent man once again showed the painfully naive and dangerously uninformed site of the average Kiwi when I took him to task on his woefully uninformed post about the situation in Georgia. It was written according tho the […]

I am in very good company: Prof. Jones and the evidence of Thermite

I would like for you to meet one of my absolute 911 heroes Professor Jones. Professor Jones is a professor in Physics who thought at the University of Utah. He sacrificed his career and his personal life to help spread the evidence of controlled demolition of the three WTC skyscrapers. I would dearly have liked […]