A light introduction to the events on 9-11-2001 in New York

I know that for many Kiwi’s the terror attacks of 9/11 are long in the past. They are accepted by most as perpetrated by 19 young extremist Arabs send to their death by a madman in a cave. But how could these 19 young man evade the CIA and the FBI for years and than hijack […]

Police move may anger moderates.

Maori academics and politicians have warned that police raids on Maori activists could have the opposite effect and fuel the fire of extremism. Professor Taiarahia Black from Massey University said there was widespread disquiet within Maoridom at the “heavy-handed” police actions. “For people who already feel marginalised, this is going to add fuel to the […]

Area sealed off in anti-terror operation

So now we know what those anti terrorist laws were for. Not to  protect us against islamofascists but to suppress dissenting views at home. Maori activists , environmentalists, and political activists. But lets start with a good old dose of divide and conquer. First those scary tattooed warriors to get the pakeha on our side […]