Iti asks for evidence at trial to be given in Maori

 So I ask again, as Tame Iti stands before a court on fire arm charges, what was discussed when John Key met with Tame Iti two months before the raids. And why was John Key allowed to meet with Tame Iti in an isolated Marae without police protection in the Uruwera’s when Tame had already […]

Fear of global slowdown as oil price soars

Stock markets around the world were braced for fresh falls today despite attempts by the G7 leading industrial nations and the International Monetary Fund to boost confidence after Friday’s plunge in share prices on Wall Street.The IMF’s key policy-making committee said at the weekend that the recent turmoil in financial markets would lead to slower […]

Area sealed off in anti-terror operation

So now we know what those anti terrorist laws were for. Not to  protect us against islamofascists but to suppress dissenting views at home. Maori activists , environmentalists, and political activists. But lets start with a good old dose of divide and conquer. First those scary tattooed warriors to get the pakeha on our side […]