ISIS truck convoy Anbar Province

Max And Stacey On The Corporation Called ISIL (Islamic State Of Iraq And The Levant) And Why This Is Important To New Zealand

The US plan for Iraq, which includes the threat of targeted military action against the militant Islamic group ISIS, has been given New Zealand’s official endorsement by John Key. The Prime Minister backed the plan during a meeting with Secretary of State John Kerry today. It is almost impossible to keep up with the emergence […]

ISIS truck convoy Anbar Province

John Key Visits Obama During Iraq Crisis. Will NZ Soldiers Die For A UN Security Council Seat ?

It is no secret that John Key wanted to send soldiers to Iraq in 2005. He wanted to do so in order to get more trade and be in with the bog boys. Never mind it was the little guys in army fatigues who would have to die  there is need be. Here he is […]

Baghdad Green Zone Blasted Under Cover of Storm

BAGHDAD—Militants bombarded Baghdad’s Green Zone with rockets on Sunday, taking advantage of the cover of a blinding dust storm to launch one of the heaviest strikes in weeks on the fortified compound. The strikes appeared to defy a renewed call for a ceasefire by Shi’ite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, which has seen many of his masked […]

Exodus from Iraq: ‘Not Our Country To Return To’

By Maki al-Nazzal and Dahr Jamail* DAMASCUS, Mar 3 (IPS) – More Iraqis continue to flee their country than the numbers returning, despite official claims to the contrary. Thousands fleeing say security is as bad as ever, and that to return would be to accept death. “Return to Iraq?” asks 35-year-old Ahmed Alwan, an Iraqi […]

Iraq war? What Iraq war?

I have added a couple of counters to show the casualties if the war John Key claims is over, maybe someone should point him to this blog so he can see howmany people die every day in the finished war.(travellerev)  New Zealand’s opposition leader, John Key, the head of the centre right National Party, has an interesting […]