Small parties will determine who rules – poll

A big increase in support for the Greens has knocked National hopes that it could govern alone, the first Herald DigiPoll in election year shows. National retains a lead in the poll registering 47.5 per cent support, down 3.8 per cent from its highest-ever Herald-DigiPoll rating of 51.3 per cent in November. Labour is relatively […]

Send frigates to whaling zone, say Greens

The Green Party wants the Government to send Navy frigates into the Southern Ocean in case there are clashes between Japanese whalers and protest ships. The Greenpeace ship Esperanza is reported to be looking for the whalers and has said it expects to find them within days. A second protest ship, the Sea Shepherd, is […]

Communities Take Power

by Doug Pibel The Citizens of Barnstead, New Hampshire, Used Local Law to Keep Corporate Giants Out of Their Water Gail Darrell, center, and other Barnstead, New Hampshire, residents pressed for a law to counter the “tyranny and usurpation” of the people’s right to govern themselves, especially with regard to water. Gordon Preston, left, and […]

NZ isolated over nuclear energy

SYDNEY – New Zealand is resisting a push by Australia and the United States for nuclear power as the answer to global warming. Ministerial meetings of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum (Apec) have been dominated by climate change policy, but New Zealand has found itself on a different side of the table from the US […]

Aussie senator calls Bush ‘dunderhead’

Greens Party leader Senator Bob Brown An outspoken Australian politician has called US President George W. Bush a ‘dunderhead’ for sending troops to Iraq. Bush, whose five-day visit has placed Australia’s biggest city Sydney under a security lockdown, spent the day in talks with Prime Minister John Howard. Meanwhile, Greens Party leader Senator Bob Brown […]