The Golden Rule: He Who Has the Gold Makes the Rules

Remember the Golden Rule: He who has the gold makes the rules. As nations get rich, typically, they buy gold – or steal it. What else can they do? How else can they protect their wealth? When Britain was the world’s dominant empire, it loaded up so much gold in the Bank of England that […]

Gold nears $1,000 as stagflation fears grow

Gold hit a record $953.60 a troy ounce on Thursday as oil’s move above $100 and inflation fears provided fresh upward momentum. Fuelling the rally were fears the US economy could be heading for stag­flation after the Federal Reserve published forecasts for lower growth and higher inflation. Read more

Half of gold in central banks gone?

U.S. central banks may have less than half the gold they claim to possess in their vaults, charges a watchdog group in an ad scheduled for publication in the Wall Street Journal this week.As WND reported, the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee, or GATA, claims the Federal Reserve and the U.S. Treasury are surreptitiously manipulating the […]