Death of the hedge fund?

In the giant casino that is the world’s financial markets, hedge funds are some of the ballsiest gamblers, raising vast amounts of debt so that they can place bigger and more potentially lucrative bets. One might have thought theirs would be the first activity to be reined in when the credit crisis struck and Wall […]

Carlyle Capital Nears Collapse as Rescue Talks Fail

March 13 (Bloomberg) — Carlyle Group said creditors plan to seize the assets of its mortgage-bond fund after it failed to meet more than $400 million of margin calls on mortgage- backed collateral that plunged in value. Carlyle Capital Corp., which began to buckle a week ago from the strain of shrinking home-loan assets, said […]

Bush family private equity fund in deep trouble as Financial Tsunami rolls on

Carlyle Capital Corp. Ltd., a subsidiary of one of the most influential USA private equity funds and closely tied to the Bush family, is in default on several of its securities. Carlyle is an offshore subsidiary of the Washington-based Carlyle Group, one of the most politically powerful private equity firms of the past two decades. […]

Carlyle Capital Could Lose Billions

LONDON – Private equity firm the Carlyle Group came under renewed pressure to come to the rescue of its beleaguered investment fund, Carlyle Capital, which warned on Monday that creditors could liquidate up to $16 billion of assets. A spokeswoman for the Carlyle Group told that it was considering “all options” to maximize the […]

Massachusetts Accuses Merrill of Fraud

The top securities regulator in Massachusetts accused Merrill Lynch on Friday of defrauding the city of Springfield with subprime-linked investments, casting light on how Wall Street banks sold complex mortgage securities that are now plummeting in value as the housing slump deepens. Skip to next paragraph Stephan Savoia/Associated Press William Galvin, Massachusetts secretary of state, […]

I Don’t Think That’s What They Mean By “Golden Opportunity”

Would you like your parents to be taken care of by the Carlyle group? A caravan of over 200 healthcare workers organized by the SEIU arrived in Washington DC today to demonstrate outside the Carlyle Group headquarters. What does that have to do with Jeralyn Merritt’s mom? Jeralyn’s mom lives in a Manor Care facility. […]