Deconspirare Necesse Est, A Journey Into The Underbelly Of “Perception” Management. Introduction.

The first time I encountered the term “Perception” management I was investigating the involvement of a highly aggressive individual in a local action group. He showed up at two crucial moments in its history and when he left, he left ruin, distrust, broken relationships and apathy in pursuing a very worthy cause. I found only […]

New Server, New Possibilities, New Jobs To Do!

I made it to the new server, now what? It is a big jump to change server and move a blog you have been running in a certain way for 10 years. I want to thank Vinnie Eastwood for finally making me see the light and move to a site which believe it or not […]

Seabed mining will be an issue for the No Asset sale Hikoi in April

According to Mike Smith organiser and spokesperson for the no Asset sale Hikoi which will take place in April and which will span the entire North Island, Seabed mining is a huge issue and will be addressed in the Hikoi. KASM is invited to make a presentation which will be shown during the entire Hikoi […]

Environmental Illnesses Haunt Some Who Covered 9/11

Rescuers and construction workers aren’t the only ones sickened by exposure to World Trade Center dust and smoke. Journalists, including photographers, are also reporting health problems. March 03, 2008 By Daryl Lang New York Times staff photographer Keith Meyers loved to tackle rigorous assignments, like flying in military jets and scuba diving with astronauts in […]

NATO Genocide in Afghanistan

For those Kiwi’s who still believe that the war in Afghanistan is a good war, and merits our involvement, have a read. I have the utmost respect for the humanitarian stance the Kiwi army is known for, but to stay there under these circumstances is an enabling factor in another  inhuman venture. New Zeland should […]

Rapported to the electoral finance Committee

[quote=Baron Silas Greenback;112370]I feel it only fair to tell the OP that after reading your blog on John key and your clear agenda thinly disguised as research…I have reported you to the electroral commision as you have not clearly displayed your full name and address on your site. Best you correct that… as I am […]

New Zealand: Labour government dispatches SAS troops to Afghanistan

On Tuesday the 26th of February the European Parliament will screen the movie: Zero, call for an independent investigation of 9/11. After the screening they will debate this topic, with Herr von Beulow(German representative) Mr Fujita.(Japanese senator from the opposition party) David Ray Griffin (American 911 truth professor in theology) The three of home have […]

Bernanke’s State of the Economy Speech: “You are all Dead Ducks”

Oh oops, you know what this means? It means get yourself a bag of seeds and start growing your own veggies, because it’s downhill from here, and it’s not just limited to the US Folks.(Travellerev) By Mike Whitney  Even veteran Fed-watchers were caught off-guard by Chairman Bernanke’s performance before the Senate Banking Committee on Thursday. […]

More arrests in Urewera firearms inquiry

Three more men have been arrested for firearms offences in the Bay of Plenty area targeted in last year’s anti-terrorism raids. Police said the arrests involved two men aged 44 and 46 from Maketu and a 24-year-old Ruatoki man. Officers had “arrested three people as part of the ongoing investigation into firearms offences in the […]

Response from the hon. Phil Goff

The ministry of Defence has graciously confirmed that they received my open letter with regards to the events of 9/11 14 February 2008  Dear Evelyn Gilbert, I am writing on behalf of Hon Phil Goff to acknowledge receipt of your email dated 13 February 2008, regarding the events of 9/11. I will ensure that your […]

Why the attacks on 9/11 should still matter to New Zealanders today?

On 13 January 2008 in the first session of the year of the Japanese Defense and Foreign Affairs Committee  Senator  Yukihisa Fujita leader of the opposition who might very well one day become the prime minister of Japan made a presentation of evidence casting doubt on the official US version of the attacks on New York […]

This landmark event will be taking place:

March 14 -16 at the POWERHOUSE MUSEUM Darling Harbour Sydney, Australia Advanced Booking Price: AUD $128 To book a seat » click here Confirmed Speakers: Prof Steven Jones – Physicist, Co-founder of Scholars for 9/11 Truth & Justice Lt Col Bob Bowman – Former Director of Advanced Space Programs Development (USA) G. Edward Griffin […]

Bossess hould share big bucks with their workers

Fat cat executives – some earning more than 100 times the average wage – should be sharing their wealth with their workers, says a top Kiwi commentator. Corporate liaison for the New Zealand Shareholders Association and businessman Des Hunt said good bosses spread the benefits of an organisation rather than lining their own pockets. “What […]

Midnight Oil’s leader finding challenges in politics

Awesome!!!  SYDNEY, Australia (AP) — The music of Peter Garrett has always been politically charged. Now the towering, baldheaded former singer of Midnight Oil is charged with practicing politics — as Australia’s new environment minister. Peter Garrett, once the lead singer of Midnight Oil, is now a minister in Australia’s Labor government. Garrett founded the […]

What would you do if you could live for 24 hours in one of Henry Kravitz houses

I wonder if John Key has shares in Private equity company KKR, owned by Henry Kravitz, or any other private equity firms for that matter. Private equity firms borrow money to buy businesses, in order to pay back that loan they make sweetheart deals with the banks, break the business in little pieces and sell […]

Old McDonald Had a Farm…and He Got Arrested?

  PRINT ARTICLE EMAIL ARTICLE Web Letters (8) TAKE ACTION SUBSCRIBE NOW  SHARE ARTICLE Buzzflash Digg Facebook Newsvine Reddit <!– Spotlight –> What is this? GA_googleFillSlot(“Article_ATF_300x250”); Just in time for the holidays, four beef carcasses hang from the improvised slaughterhouse at Greg Niewendorp’s 160-acre farm outside East Jordan, in the north of Michigan’s lower peninsula. It […]

A light introduction to the events on 9-11-2001 in New York

I know that for many Kiwi’s the terror attacks of 9/11 are long in the past. They are accepted by most as perpetrated by 19 young extremist Arabs send to their death by a madman in a cave. But how could these 19 young man evade the CIA and the FBI for years and than hijack […]

US says it has right to kidnap British citizens

AMERICA has told Britain that it can “kidnap” British citizens if they are wanted for crimes in the United States. A senior lawyer for the American government has told the Court of Appeal in London that kidnapping foreign citizens is permissible under American law because the US Supreme Court has sanctioned it. The admission will […]

The Live Taser Saucer To Become A Reality.

One of the biggest Taser representatives outside the US base has declared the company’s intention to produce and sell internationally a small airborne drone version of the weapon that can administer electrical jolts of 50,000 volts. Antoine di Zazzo has told the AFP that his French company is “developing a mini-flying saucer like drone which […]

More spying in the future, drones over te Urewera?

Heather Brooke Two weekends ago at the V Festival, revellers were surprised to see a remote-controlled surveillance drone flying and filming overhead. Little to nothing was known beforehand about the drone’s use, and news reports after the fact shed little light on why or how its use was approved. I put in a Freedom of […]

Tame Iti visits Iran.

If a respected international nuclear watchdog concludes that Iran is no Nuclear threat and that in view of their international rights they are permitted to pursue peaceful nuclear energy and if China an Russia are both prepared to work with Iran on Nuclear energy, than why is Tame’s visit to Iran put in such a sinister light. IAEA […]

The Mintshot Urewera Double Standard

Letter to the Editor Last night the 20/20 programme did an inside story on Marc Ellis and his mates creating an explosion in the crater of Rangitoto for what they said was a publicity or marketing stunt. Today there is little if any response to that. A group of white men spend weeks together, discussing […]

Terrorism bill passed into law

A Black day For Aotearoa! (Travellerev) LATEST: Parliament today voted 108-13 to strengthen terrorism suppression laws, but was told the bill had no relevance to last month’s police raids and the Solicitor-General’s ruling against charges under the Terrorism Suppression Act. We may need new domestic terrorism laws – Nats The Terrorism Suppression Amendment Bill was […]

Wider phone tapping considered

The trial run for the anti-terror law showed up deficient, next time just saying something that might indicate that maybe your thinking about doing something will get you arrested and convicted. What’s next?(travellerev)  Prime Minister Helen Clark says allowing intercepted telephone conversations to be used as evidence in a wider range of crimes is one possibility to […]

Iti’s lawyer calls for UN probe into raids

Tame Iti’s lawyer Annette Sykes has called for a special inquiry by the United Nations Working Group on Indigenous Peoples into the Government’s conduct over last month’s police raids. Top lawyer incensed TV3 leaked details Mr Iti and Ms Sykes today spoke to the Tuhoe people and reporters at Ruatoki’s Te Rewa Rewa Marae. Ms […]

Last ‘terror raid’ accused freed as hikoi starts

The last four people held in custody after police anti-terror raids last month were released on bail today. Jamie Beattie Lockett, 46, of Takanini, in south Auckland; Tuhoe Francis Lambert, 58, of Manurewa, in south Auckland; Rawiri Kiyomi Iti, 29, of Hamilton; and Watene Paul McClutchie, 33, of Poroporo, near Whakatane, all face firearm charges. […]