Corbyn’s Labour is not a Party, More Like Occupied Territory.

This article was written in response to the rabid attack (here, here ) of the Jewish lobby on Britain’s Labour party. Written by Gilad Adzmon John McAuliffe is the latest victim of Labour’s current philo-Semitic purge. According to the Jewish Chronicle,  McAuliffe wrote that: “The Holocaust has been the most useful political tool of the […]

Spiro Skouras On The Corbett Show Or Why We Should Think Twice About Making The Kermadec A Sanctuary

To be clear, I would love to make the entire ocean, in fact the entire globe, one big sanctuary and the PEW sanctuary lobbying group makes it look extremely tempting to establish a huge Sanctuary over the Kermadec region. There is a catch though. First of all what is the PEW Lobbying group. Who started […]

New Server, New Possibilities, New Jobs To Do!

I made it to the new server, now what? It is a big jump to change server and move a blog you have been running in a certain way for 10 years. I want to thank Vinnie Eastwood for finally making me see the light and move to a site which believe it or not […]

While New Zealand Honours Its War Dead, The Masters Are Preparing For More War.

Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired, signifies in the final sense a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed. Dwight D. Eisenhower Some years ago I greatly upset someone who thought I was making light of Anzac day. I am […]

Vinny Eastwood, Bill Black And Me: All You Need To Know About Control Fraud And John Key!

For those of you interested in what Bill Black, a man who put over a thousand bankers in jail and who travels around the globe to educate entire Governments about why Control fraud is such a pervasive, hideous form of fraud, has to say about putting a Merrill Lynch banker on the board of Guardians […]


Update: Moving House, As In To My Own Domain!

Update on moving: I have decided to not move the site myself but to let the Professionals at WordPress do it for me. The risk of mucking it all up in order to safe what really is not that much money in the grander scheme of things and the time it would cost me to […]

Bill Black on TED: The Best Way To Rob A Bank Is To Own One!

I had an hour long talk with this gentleman yesterday while on Vinny Eastwood’s show. Over the next couple of weeks, after I move my website, I will be writing and transcribing the, in all, two hour interview (Vinny talked with him for two hours) and connect it back to John Key and his banking […]

Vinnie Eastwood Is Interviewing William Black About The Panama Papers And I will Be Joining Him In The Second Half Of The Show!

Control fraud occurs when a trusted person in a high position of responsibility in a company, corporation, or state subverts the organization and engages in extensive fraud for personal gain. Wikipeadia Today between 2-4 pm NZ time Vinny Eastwood will be interviewing William “Bill” Black. I will be joining Vinny in the second hour to […]

Follow The Money Or Why We Should Arrest People Like John Key And His Banking Mates

Probably, most people, when reading about the Panama tax dodgers and New Zealand’s quiet achievement in becoming as “tax” haven, wonder how the rich always getaway with shit like this and kind of wished they were in the same predicament: Filthy rich and hiding their money from the tax people. The next thought is probably […]

Teachers In Holland Worried About Students Talking About Conspiracy Theories

Apparently Dutch teachers are being confronted with an increasing interest in “Conspiracy theories” (The post is in Dutch but the title translates as: Conspiracy theories a growing problem in the class room!) among their students. The Dutch government who did a “huge” investigation in this phenomenon is worried about the speed with which the infection […]

10 Years Of Blogging. What A Journey It Was And Still Is!

11:22 exactly 10 years ago I registered my first blog with I called it All you need is a crazy rich guy with a private army. It is the day I took the red pill. What a journey it has been and wow, it isn’t stopping! That first blog is still online for those […]

On Kevin Barrett’s Show Live Today!

I will be on Kevin Barrett’s Truth jihad show live today! I have been booked from 1-2 PM but will be on standby from 12 pm in case he can’t make a connection with his first guest! I will be talking about John Key, his banking, tax haven creating career, the Panama Papers, Earthquakes, Lord […]

The Filthy Rich Achieve Their Goal: The Poor Are Screaming For Global Tax Reform!

This weeks Panama Revelations meagre though they were, with only a handful of names released, got the desired effect. The world is screaming for more internationally coordinated tax rules. Obama is calling for international tax reform. Here is a what James Corbett and James Pilato have to say about the Panama papers and the pending […]

Architects And Engineers For 9/11 Free Webinars: Week 1

The list of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 truth demanding an independent investigation into the collapse and demolition of the World trade centre attacks of 9/11 2001 has grown to a respectable 2,497 members all of whom are architects and engineers. In addition some 20,919 people from the general public have signed in support of […]

The World’s Most Famous Economic Hitman Confesses – They’re Coming for Your Democracy

This article written by Andrew Krieger from Liberty Blitzkrieg quotes John Perkins the writer of Confessions of an Economic Hitman as saying that the economic hitmen are now coming for our democracies and he is right. Here in New Zealand they did not have to come for a visit. New Zealand voted their Economic Hitman, […]

On The AIG And Its Global Ambassador Or Why I Won’t Trust Anything Richie McCaw Says!

For most New Zealanders the AIG is a benign kind of Insurance company who is sponsoring the All Blacks and in exchange get their name on their shirts. In my article about how the AIG has entered NZ politics  I point out that this global company is far from benign, has had to be rescued […]

John Key Will Visit The Nuclear Security Summit This Week, Here Is What They Want!

John Key will be rushed after the flag Presser to the airport to dash to what is called the 2016 Nuclear Security summit. Here is what they want to achieve in the near future: The Results We Need in 2016 Policy Recommendations for the Nuclear Security Summit 1 The Results We Need in 2016: Policy […]

Christopher Bollyn: Solving 9/11 Will End The Wars.

More than 70% of Americans believe their government lied about 9/11. They stopped the polling because it became clear that that number was growing. Christopher Bollyn is an investigative journalist who in September started to investigate the events that changed our lives and to this day is a festering wound causing millions of people mostly […]

Who Is The King Or Why (K)Hillary Will Never Be Indicted!

In an article published on Of two minds blog Charles Hugh Smith argues that if Hillary Clinton is not indicted for knowingly violating statutes regarding State Department security the republic, democracy and justice are dead. I put it to you that the republic died when the DOJ and Goldman Sachs colluded to make the banksters […]

Trillions Of Dollars On Illegal Wars Of Aggression

“Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed. This world in arms is not spending money alone. It is spending the sweat of its laborers, the genius of its […]

Number 15 In The Blogosphere!

Thanks to my readers and the people who have taken to commenting here I have reached the dizzying heights of the 15th most read blog in New Zealand as counted on the Open Parachute blog. In a field of 300 blogs that is not bad going especially since my personal life has taken over somewhat […]

Rick Mayall’s Last Film Role: 1BY 1

Not many people know that Rick Mayall’s last major film role was in a low budget Indy film called 1 BY 1. The film is about a young waitress who, shaken by a traumatic event, and with information from her friends slowly wakes up to what is really going on in the world. Rick Mayall […]

AIG Exposed Or Why You Should Be Very Worried About Richie And Dan Supporting The Flag Change

Here is an excellent doco (From 2012 but still very current) about AIG the All Blacks sponsor. It has given me some impetus to research more on the connection between AIG and John Key, the flag and their appetite for the TPPA. So watch this space! Here is an article I wrote about the kind […]

One degree of separation or how small the bankster world really is

(Update, the next couple of weeks never happened and I did not write nearly as much about this as I intended but I thought it would be good to repost this post originally written and posted in November 2009)   In the next couple of weeks  with the help of this map I will uncover […]