HSBC Says NZ Rockstar Economy. They Should Know They made Maddof Into One Too

A couple of days ago HSBC chief economist for Australia and New Zealand Paul Bloxham told us that NZ’s economy was poised to grow dramatically in 2014 and would be a veritable Economic “Rock star”!

Here are some pointers as to why you won’t feel the difference other than that you will feel poorer and less able to make ends meet as in other words: while the main street economy is tanking the Wall street economy is booming.

HSBC has a record for:

  • Lying about just about anything.
  • Drug Money Laundering as in supporting the entire Mexican drug operations costing more than 64.000 people their lives in the most hideous ways.
  • Speculating in Derivatives to the point of way more than $ 4 trillion.
  • Bullying To the point of trying to bully entire countries into acquiescence.
  • Fraud as in supporting Maddof for years in his pyramid scam.

In fact if you want to know more about why HSBC is full of shit here is an even more complete list