Meet me at Hordur’s talk at Auckland Uni.

Tonight I will be in Auckland to listen to Hordur Torfason. The guy that started the insurrection against the banks in Iceland in 2008.

He will speak at Auckland Uni so if you have nothing to do, want to meet me (I’m 6, 2″ so easily recognizable) AND listen to Hordur talk about how Democracy is done, feel free to join me. Here is a link to Kim Hill’s interview with him:

2 thoughts on “Meet me at Hordur’s talk at Auckland Uni.

  1. lol…….how do we address you 🙂 – Travellrev ? Hi Trav? Hi Rev?
    Maybe g’day mate will suffice ! 🙂 🙂
    Kim Hill interview was a good intro for tonights talk. The link didn’t open so tried – Saturday Morning with Kim Hill did.

    • Thanks for adding that link! You introduce yourself to me and I will introduce myself to you and you will have my real name. Hint it starts with an E! I’m looking forward to meeting you!

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