22 Children Dead In School Massacre But Should We Care?

First things first: Of course we should care but if like me you are curiously without some form of sentiment one way or another about the umphth outburst of senseless violence in a far away US town here is why that could be…

Over the last 11 years, in fact ever since 911 I have been a spectator and sideline commentator  while watching the global events unfold and over the years I have grown more and more angry about the hubris which which the US population took the rest of the world for granted while  allowing by there grass laziness and excessive consumption behaviour and absolute and total lack of interest in what their government perpetrated on the rest of the world.

And Goddess forgive me but all I can think is; What goes around comes around.

Last months  the Palestinians in the GAZA strip including a young man who works for the BBC had to bury their children killed in vicious air raids (Possibly with Depleted Uranium) and over the years hundreds if not thousands of children have been killed with Drone attacks in Pakistan and Afghanistan while in Fallujah young parents only ask is it normal since their city was bombed with Depleted Uranium.

The sanctions against Iran are victimising children the most and in the run up to the second war in Iraq 500.000 children died as the result of the economic sanctions and while the parents of those children killed in Connecticut will grieve the loss of their children I’m sure they don’t give a flying fucking thought about all those 100s of thousands of parents their government robbed of their precious young ones with their senseless and criminal attacks and it is with this sad thought that I end this post.

5 thoughts on “22 Children Dead In School Massacre But Should We Care?

  1. Of course there are many wonderful Americans doing more than their share to try and stop the horrors that are befalling us and I regularly listen to them. But there is also from many a sort of arrogance that comes from a history of believing that they were impregnable, unstoppable, the best, the richest and most affluent society in the World. Since I have been on Facebook I have had a small number that have been on my side but suddenly reverted to extreme patriotism when the really hard questions are asked. The horror of little kids being killed is inexcusable anywhere and by the way teachers as well! Quite honestly I believe that those that have died in this terrible tragedy will have little or any knowledge of the evil that their own administration has been dealing out to foreign countries and their people around the World for many years!

  2. To me, a death of a child is a tragedy whether it’s in the US or Iran or Iraq or my own country New Zealand. It is a sad world when a dead child is not mourned. I do agree that there are prejudices within brainwashed Americans that they never question, but to say that all Americans are the same is questionable. I know of Americans that question, fight and work towards justice in areas of injustice. I know that you are talking about systems and beliefs and interests that affect children, but to not mourn the death of a child in our society would be a great loss.

    • As I said, in the beginning of course we should care. In fact we should care more not less when things like this happen but also look at the bigger picture. How can a country like the US deteriorate to the point of this almost becoming normal? How come while there are more countries were every house has a gun (Most notably Switzerland) these things don’t happen?

  3. I am from the US and I care deeply about violence towards any sentient being. That is true of most of the people I know. Please do not confuse the US media/government with the people. I believe that these incidents serve as messages directly from the Universe to bring us together. Stop violence. Stop hatred. Stop blame. Stop treating people as “other”. Stop treating animals as products, There is safety only in Peace and that starts with each of us.

  4. Agree 100% with your sentiment – USA does not care a jot about anything outside it’s own boundaries. The powers in control justify so well to their masses what they are doing – in the name of “freedom” and protection of American interests, the population have forgotten how to question anything and everything.

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