Did Goldman Sachs Just Complete It’s Global Take Over?

The announcement of the appointment of Mark Carney as the Governor of the Bank of England, the first foreigner ever to be put in what is arguably the most powerful financial position in England, stunned the City of London. And with good reason.

Mark Carney is Canadian for example and while he is married to an English woman and “intends” to apply for citizenship, it strikes me as odd that a foreigner would be given the top finance job in London.

But and that is a big but… maybe it is not such a big surprise because as this picture shows one bank in particular is dominating European politics. The bank Goldman Sachs also happens to be the former employer of Mark Carney which begs the question: Are we now officially under Goldman Sachs rule?

Zero Hedge seems to think so!

2 thoughts on “Did Goldman Sachs Just Complete It’s Global Take Over?

  1. Yes. Watch the Thom Hartman program 11-27-12 1st hour. He explains it all. His program is on Free Speech T.V.

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