On Breadlines or How Bad It Really Is In The US Of A!

While over here in Kiwi land we still think that the global economy is going through a bit of a dip and she’ll be alright in a while even though milks prices are set to drop leaving a lot of over leveraged Kiwi farmers to face ruin here is the new reality in a pretty picture!

First of all here are some figures you might want to learn about to read the Infograph a bit easier. Remember Wall Mart? There are 3051 Wall marts in the US of A.

Every one of those Wall marts has on average 14,588 people shopping there every month with a SNAP card. SNAP stands for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program but to you and me that means FOOD STAMPS. These people would starve to death if they did not receive these every month. Of those 14,588, 7731 are adults and 6856 are children.

The grand total of recipients of Food Stamps is 44,510,598. Now that is what I call a Bread line!

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