On Malala, The Taliban and Bamiyan Province Or Why We Won’t Leave Afghanistan Anytime Soon

Just in case you’re wondering, John Key has absolutely no plans to leave Afghanistan. Why not? Because his masters don’t want him too. How do I know? Here are a few MSM hints.

  • Malala, the schoolgirl allegedly shot for liking Obama and wanting to go to school keeps making the rounds in a series of highly emotive MSM articles around the globe.
  • The “Taliban” is quoted as saying that Malala deserved to die for her admiration of the Devil reincarnate and the enemy of the Islam; Obama and the kicker:
  • The Bamiyan Province which defended by our homeboys was an oasis of peace and harmony is once again on the verge of falling prey to the Taliban. Accompanied with photo’s of the destroyed Buddha’s of course!

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