US Marines,Depleted Uranium and US Bases, Are You Ready For This Thing Called Love?

Since 9/11 the US has been showering their love for their fellow man around the globe. Well… they did so before the events but since then they have, I hope you will agree, intensified to truly maniacal proportions their attempts to “free” the planet of nasty terrorists and other monsters hell bend on destroying our liberties with a love so fierce it killed millions of people while destroying their habitat for 4.5 billion years in the process.

Even to their own soldiers they have shown the kind of hot love I generally associate with the kind of murderous obsession of  a psychopath with his victim lover of choice and now they want to make love to us!

According to Leon Panetta we could have Marines training our marines and soldiers and wile he does nt want to upset our sensibilities he would be happy to station his nuclear ships and soldiers her if the NZ government wouldn’t mind (it’s a good thing isn’t it that they don’t have to take the rest of the Kiwi population into account what with the Government firmly in the pockets of the Military industrial complex)  here but…. but…. not unless we ask him for it! I can feel a Tui moment coming on!