On the Abyss, Staring Into it and I’m So Sick Of It All

Friedrich Nietzsche said: “Battle not with monsters, lest ye become a monster, and if you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.” And sweet Jesus doesn’t it just! While at the Pundit the likes of Jane Young publish their drivel about Syria in carefully orchestrated limited picture painting exercises with a breathtaking […]

The Most Expensive Cup Cake or How the Children of the .01 % Live.

This week some articles appeared on the Daily mail website. I thought I’d share. The most expensive cup cake is covered in edible gold and costs a mere £645 and while you might think that this is just a bit of a attention grabber for the Dubai’s Bloomsbury’s Cupcakes store lets remember Dubai is one […]

Massacres, Bombs and Switch and Baits or How Were Are Dragged Into Two More Wars

Two bombings. One is good the other one bad. One for the vilified Assad regime was heralded as a courageous act of rebellion against the monster of Damascus reminiscent of the same tactics used in Libya against the monster of Libya in last years war of “liberation” and it will no doubt be used as […]

LIBOR Manipulation, 9/11 and the Exchange Stabilisation Fund or How the Endgame is Being Played!

With the verification of the widespread rigging of the LIBOR (London Inter banking offered rate), the rate supposedly set to allow for a proper free market banking mechanism we went from Conspiracy theory to Conspiracy fact with regards to the bankers colluding to artificially setting the LIBOR and with that it is interesting in hindsight […]

85 Things You Do Which Might Mean You’re a Terrorist

Do you mind if other people try to read your email while in an Internet Cafe? Do you sweat easily. Do you read your twitters and text while having a latte? Naughty, naughty! Here are 85 things not to do if you want to stay of the FBI terrorist watch list: 1) Do Not: Use […]

Coming to a Shore Near You: Drones to “Monitor” Maui Dolphins!

As I reported in December 2011 drones were high on the NZ Military wish list and recently they got their wish. Sort of.

Now it turns out drones owned by AUT University could and trust me they will be used to monitor the Maui Dolphin and vulnerable land based critters. Before you go oh, that’s all right they need to be monitored and maybe we can save them from extinction that way here are a few pointers that might make you go; Hmmm, maybe not!

Rules for Bennies but Freedom to Exploit for Landlords

Paula Bennett wants to put rules such as compulsory drug tests in place for beneficiaries  whom she perceives as playing the system but when it comes down to landlords sucking their tenants dry with substandard housing and $ 1.2 billion of subsidies (Calculated that if there are 4 million Kiwis living in New Zealand which […]

You Didn’t Know it Yet? You Are a Whore and Your Government is Your Pimp!

I used to be a good little citizen. I actually thought that my tax money went to pay for things that served all of us and I was willing to pay that price for the common good. That changed when I began to research our financial system and the way banks create money they loan […]

Everybody is ill it seems!

My father in law is ill. My mother in law is in hospital with lung problems and I hear from friends that all of Christchurch is holed up with the same horrible cold. Facebook friends up north are announcing they’re going to bed feeling as sick as dogs and friends in the Waikato are either […]

Gang Numbers 500 to 1 Cop, 8 Guns For Every 10 Americans or Why America Is Coming Apart At The Seams

Gary, Indiana  was once a thriving town. Now it is in ruins. So is Detroit and in Chicago 200 Cops are outnumbered by an estimated 100.000 Gang members. That is one cop for every 500 of the most dangerous people in the US. To walk the streets in most American towns at night is now […]

Repost video series about the Exchange Stabilisation Mechanism

In the beginning of January 2012 I posted a link to a five part video series about a little known US treasury fund called the Exchange Stabilisation fund run by people who are unknown,  unelected and who have unlimited funds and power. At the time this was my only reference to this group and while […]

Max Keiser Report 314: LIBOR, Derivatives and the Exchange Stabilisation Fund.

Very interesting interview with Rob Kirby from Kirby Analytics about LIBOR rigging and its function together with the Derivatives as a price control mechanism. Kirby also touches on a little known treasury group called the Exchange Stabilisation Fund which operates as a kingpin, located conveniently at the nexus between US monetary policy, foreign policy and last […]

Report on Government Fraud? Go to Jail!

The worst thing that can happen to any government is for reporters to report on corruption and other misdeeds the government perpetrates on its people. In order to avoid that governments throughout history have been declaring that their wheeling and dealing is of the utmost secrecy and done to keep the population safe. This then […]

Greed is good or why crime pays on Wall street

In a survey of 500 senior executives in the United States and the UK, 26 percent of respondents said they had observed or had firsthand knowledge of wrongdoing in the workplace, while 24 percent said they believed financial services professionals may need to engage in unethical or illegal conduct to be successful. July 10 (Reuters) […]

Here is Why You Are Obsolete.

Here is the Graph that shows why you and I are obsolete. The Graph which starts is in 1995 shows that at that time  human labour was actually needed to raise the standard of living not just for the general population but for the corporations too. What it shows historically is that the trend is […]

This global financial fraud and its gatekeepers

  By Naomi Wolf Last fall, I argued that the violent reaction to Occupy and other protests around the world had to do with the 1%ers’ fear of the rank and file exposing massive fraud if they ever managed get their hands on the books. At that time, I had no evidence of this motivation […]

G4S Admits “Mistakes” as Army and Military Supply Thousands for Olympic Games or was a False Flag just Averted?

  Let’s forget for a moment that the Olympic Games which was all about global peace and sportsmanship are being used to enhance Martial law like powers of the already über powerful ruling elite as it turns out that the private company G4S which was hired to protect the Olympic Games against “terror attacks was […]

Are Bankers Above the Law?

Here is the latest Max Keiser Report. According to his guest Ian Fraser the word came down from way up high that no banker would be prosecuted in the UK ever again after the courts were manipulated into releasing two of them in 1992 and none of them have been since. This is the very […]

The 9/11 Storyboard Explained

Here is the link to the interview I gave to Jim Fetzer explaining my research into the planing and storyboarding of the attacks of 9/11. The interview was on June 11, 2012 but I didn’t realise it was recorded. jim%20fetzer%20real%20deal-evelyn%20gilbert.mp3 Jim Fetzer is one of the most prominent researchers on the Kennedy assassination, The Welstone […]

Jail the Bankers and make them accountable for Their Crimes

  Sign the Avaaz petition here Big banks have been caught in a massive scam to rig global interest rates, ripping off millions of people on their mortgages, student loans and more! We’d go to jail for this, but Barclays bank has only been fined, and just a fraction of their profits! Outrage is mounting […]

Russian Ships en Route to Syria while the US is Sending Theirs

In a post on his blog Tony Cartalucci argues that if the US fails to conquer Syria the empire will crumble. I hope they will and aim to help to delegitimise the rule of  our current criminal bankster elite. In the mean time Russia is sending ships to Syria. so I take it they to […]

On Geithner, Mervyn King, Paul Tucker and LIBOR and those meetings with John Key!

For those of you who don’t know Timothy Geitner and Mervyn King or Paul Tucker let me give you a quick introduction. Mervyn King is the Governor of the bank of England. The bank, which is like our Reserve Bank is supposed to be separate of the government and has the job of managing the […]

On Wiley E Coyote and Where We Are in the Banking Collapse

Watching Wiley E Coyote running mid-air while you know he is going to fall of the cliff gets me every time! It is not so funny of course when the banking system begins to resemble Wiley E Coyote, yet that is exactly what is happening and here is why: The Global Economy: It’s All About […]

Max Keiser and Ellen Brown on the ESM, a Global Currency and the Collapse of the New World Order.

Mario Monti is the unelected Prime Minister of Italy. He is also the minister of Economy and Finance and to top it off he is also a Bilderberger and Goldman Sachs Banker. So to assume he is going to try to revive the economy of Italy is to say the least naive to the point […]

Is John Key Complicit in the LIBOR Crime Wave?

The first court case in the LIBOR (London interbank offered rate) crime wave was started in August 2011. One of the banks involved was the Bank of America where John Key has most of his paper wealth. Here is the court paper: Question: Why isn’t John Key fuming on behalf of us that we have […]