Something went very wrong with UK banking and we need to put it right?

Mervyn King, the governor of the Bank of England (visited by none other than our own Bankster criminal about two weeks ago) said today in what is arguably the understatement of the last oh, 1000 years that “something went very wrong with UK banking and that we need to put it right”. Now correct me […]

The Banking System is one giant Mafia operation and has been according to Max Keiser for many Decades

From Washington’s blog Two stories this week prove once again that the big banks are literally criminal enterprises. Initially, all of the big banks have engaged in Mafia-style “bid-rigging” of municipal bonds, to bilk money from every city in the nation … to the collective tune of tens billions of dollars. And Barclays and other […]

Send Beyond Treason to all pro-Depleted Uranium voters

If you like me are against the use of Depleted Uranium in wars (which of course is something we should not be involved with either) you might want to consider the following. Here is a link to the video “Beyond Treason” which exposes the US and NATO mentality of the exposable  soldier and the real […]

Navy Sailors are Leaving for the Mines in OZ or How we are Programmed to Start Spending on the Military!

The people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same way in any country. Herman Göring The last couple of […]

Predatorial banking explained and Yes, John Key was a major player in the Thai monetary coup in 1998

As the New Zealand trader who helped Andrew Krieger commit the first destabilisation of a Nation  and that Nation being New Zealand it should come as no surprise that John Key made it big in today’s predatory banking system. After all a guy who doesn’t give a flying fuck about his own countrymen’s welfare was […]


“I have no problem with people becoming billionaires—if they got there by winning a fair race, if their accomplishments merit it, if they pay their fair share of taxes, and if they don’t corrupt their society. Most of them became wealthy by being well connected and crooked. And they are creating a society in which […]

Obama declares National Emergency and issues E.O. against Russian assets!

I guess things did not go as planned when Obama met with Putin in Rio de Janeiro! This is a very dangerous development indeed. (Hat tip Peter Daniel) On June 25, President Barack Obama issued a letter to the Speaker of the House of Representatives, and to the President of the Senate stating that under […]

Rebels now destroying Christian churches in Syria

As we watch the Western powers that be destroying Nation after Nation in the Muslim world with Syria next on the list it pays to remember that under the Assad regime Shia, Shiite, Alafite Muslims and Christians lived together relative harmony just as they did under Sadam Hussein. Now, rebels armed with Western guns are […]

Serendipity or Coincidence: a Possible Timeline for the Financial Collapse

Here is a possible timeline for the financial collapse or a possible calamitous event requiring police and military to be on high alert in the US in October 2012. People like to ask about dates. “When do you think the collapse will happen?” they ask. What are your thoughts on the Mayan calendar? How ’bout […]

On LIBOR, Dudes and massive Fraud at Barclay’s.

When you or I get caught doing something illegal such as smoke pot or burgling someone else’s house we probably end up in jail which in the US means having to do slave labour in a privately owned jail. In China if you get caught scamming the banking system as a banker, even a rich […]

The Maori Party shows its true Colours once again! No DU ban thanks to Pita Sharples!

I respect the fact that Tangi’s are important and need to be attended but they last for three days for a reason; To make sure that everybody has the opportunity to pay their respects and to share the grief with the family if and when they can make it. To be an elected representative of […]

Beyoncé, Copyright and a $40 million Private Jet? They even Stole our Music.

Last week the MSM was a flutter with some extraordinary news! Beyoncé had bought hubby a private jet for fathers day! The jet had a value it was alleged of $ 40 million. I had to think about that for a couple of days as to why that upset me so. Was I jealous of […]


From the burning platform blog. Dude, Who Stole My Net Worth? “Thus far, both political parties have been remarkably clever and effective in concealing this new reality. In fact, the two parties have formed an innovative kind of cartel—an arrangement I have termed America’s political duopoly. Both parties lie about the fact that they have […]

Security at the Olympic games a Shambles a Media black out and 200.000 Coffin Liners on Standby!

Update: it was pointed out to me that for some reason the video I linked to was set to private. I have linked to a different version in the hopes that this fixes the problem. According to an undercover journalist going by the pseudonym Lee Hazledean, the Security at the Olympic games is open to […]

Assad: We Are at War!

Only this morning it was announced that the SAS was fighting in Syria. Without a declaration of war a United Nation’s vote or even a statement of intend our leaders have started another illegal war of aggression. Syrian President Bashar al-Assad declared on Tuesday that his country was at war and ordered his new government […]

Chile Is Latest Country make a Currency Deal with China

Another nail in the coffin of the country that once was the leader of the free world. SANTIAGO, June 26 (Xinhua) — China and Chile agreed Tuesday to upgrade their bilateral ties to a strategic partnership, and double trade in three years. Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao and Chilean President Sebastian Pinera announced Tuesday the establishment […]

Are we ruled by Dominant Inbred Psychopaths? Remember the Curtsey rule change?

Just two days ago the Queen of England changed the curtsey rules obliging the future queen of England to have to curtsey (that quaint old fashioned sinking through the knees to show submission to that quaint old fashioned sideshow which has no real power and is good for tourism called the royal house of Winsor) […]

Next is Cyprus!

And here is the next one!!! PARIS — Cyprus on Monday said it was formally requesting a bailout from the European Union in a bid to bolster its struggling banks, making it the fifth euro zone country to request a rescue. The announcement came after weeks of concern that the crisis in Greece and a […]


From the burning platform blog: “Over the last thirty years, the United States has been taken over by an amoral financial oligarchy, and the American dream of opportunity, education, and upward mobility is now largely confined to the top few percent of the population. Federal policy is increasingly dictated by the wealthy, by the financial […]

Working and Middleclass Americans robbed of 40% of their wealth!

According to the Washington post nearly 40% of the meagre earnings of Working and middle class have been stripped by the .1% between 1007 and 2010.  The recent recession wiped out nearly two decades of Americans’ wealth, according to government data released Monday, with ­middle-class families bearing the brunt of the decline. The Federal Reserve […]

The Euro is a Big Success – No Kidding

Greg Palast is I think the last of the real journalists. He is driven to find the truth and wears a hat. He is also jaded, cynical and tireless. If I wanted to be anyone other than myself he would be a great contender. Here is his take on the Euro: The idea that the […]

Collecting rainwater now illegal in many states in the US as Big Government claims ownership over our water

What’s next? Well another privatisation of course. Water will no longer be ours but first it will be monopolised by government after which it will be sold of to the highest bidder. Think I’m crazy? Many of the freedoms we enjoy here in the U.S. are quickly eroding as the nation transforms from the land […]

Asset sales and Nationalisation, Argentina leads the way!

  Yesterday John Key got his way. Of course he did and I’m trying to get confirmation but it is rumoured that Goldman Sachs will do the selling. No wonder it costs us $120 million and that is cheap. The Greek paid $ 300 million to Goldman Sachs for their demise. Actually I take that […]

English names new Reserve Bank Governor

Is this the man who will be the last reserve bank Governor or will it all collapse earlier? One thing is for sure as the  Vice President and Treasurer at The World Bank Director, Financial Products and Services Department at The World Bank Treasurer of the New Zealand Debt Management Office and Deputy Secretary at […]

US Reconstructs Former Military Bases Across Asia-Pacific!

According to the Converge website there are three US military bases here in new Zealand. Expect them to be extended under the guise of protection against the “Chinese threat” and the US soldiers stationed there to be used in case of local unrest to help the global elite to retain control! The Obama administration is continuing […]

US and Israel to hold largest ever joint military exercise! Will New Zealand partake?

How convenient! Earlier this week I reported that Netanyahu according to people around him has decided to attack Iran before the November elections in the US. It turns out that Israel and the US are going to hold their biggest military exercise in the moth preceding the elections. Noe all we need is a nice […]

Radioactive “Dirt” Hits Tokyo!

Hi Mike, When in Tokyo don’t touch the black or blue dirt OK! Sweet Jesus, Tokyo a city with 34 Million inhabitants is now being covered with radioactive dirt just as a friend goes over to visit his son. This brings it very close to home! Fukushima has been decimated by radiation. But Fukushima City […]

Journalist = Entrepeneur. Confused? Welcome to the Main Stream Media!

It may have escaped your attention but Fairfax just lost three of its main editors. Fairfax of course owns the entire Main Stream Media in New Zealand and with the demise of TVNZ 7 that means only on corporation is in charge of the News with a bit of TV owned by a Canadian corporation. […]

Why is John Key in such a hurry to get rid of our Assets? The pending financial collapse.

Update: Moody just junked the Spanish banking system by 1-4 points! The entire Financial system is collapsing at an ever increasing speed rendering paper/digital money to be one of the most dangerous things to have right now. Bankers know this and if bankers know John Key knows it too. So if you are wondering why […]