Now the Duch are like the Germans to the Greek.

When many years ago my husband and I visited the Cretan village of Mirtos we were at some stage accosted by a very hostile Greek who wanted to know if we were German. I saw he had a knife in his hands while sitting beside my husband and it as pointed towards his side.

I quickly told him we were Dutch and New Zealander and the knife disappeared and not only that but we found the cost of our food and drink just about halved overnight. Such is to this day the hatred of the Greek towards the Germans.

This hatred has intensified as the Greek perceive (and rightfully so) that the Germans have conquered their country again. This time with the Euro as a terrorist weapon. But what saddens me in this story is that the Greek now associate the entire North of Europe as the enemy and judging by the unflattering things some of my Dutch friends say about the Greek I can’t blame them. What both parties don’t get is that they are both played against each other in what will be an ugly deterioration of their living standards caused not by the Greek or the Dutch but by the global banking vampire squid sucking the life out of all our economies.

Here is what happened in the little town of Monemvasia to a Dutchman who had lived there for 20 years and while I’m sure that most people in the village will be able to separate the Dutchman who has shared their village with them for the last two decennia from the Geopolitical events this will happen more and more as Europa sinks into the abyss.

I wondered often if the guy would have stabbed my husband if our answer had been affirmative and now being Dutch might net you the same fate. My hard grieves for Europe and its peoples as the banksters lay it to waste and play all of us against each other as they have done time, time and again.

A sad incident got picked up by the German national media, made even sadder by the very fact that it got picked up: in the tourist town Monemvasia at the southern tip of the Peloponnese in Greece, some local guys accosted a 78-year old Dutchman who has lived there since the 1990s. They thought he was German. So he corrected them. “German or Dutch, it’s the same thing,” they told him and broke his jaw and nose.

Two guys in their forties were arrested and charged. Police chiefs visited the victim in the hospital. And German tourists had one more reason not to vacation in Greece—though aggressions occur in all countries, including Germany, often with deadly outcomes. Nevertheless, fears of these kinds of incidents, mediatized strikes and tumults, and images of German Chancellor Angela Merkel as a Hitler figure have coagulated into a toxic mix. And Germans decided to vacation elsewhere. It’s going to be a tough season for the Greek tourism industry, the only industry that actually grew last year.

The Greek economy has shriveled for four years—in the last two years by nearly 15%. Small businesses cratered, unemployment is spreading like wildfire, and those who still have jobs watch their pay and benefits dwindle. The government, up to the gills in debt, is cut off from the capital markets and defaulted on part of its debt. The country depends on being spoon-fed by the bailout Troika—the ECB, IMF, and European Union. One spoon at a time. With periods of desperation in between.

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4 thoughts on “Now the Duch are like the Germans to the Greek.

  1. Thanks for welcoming me to your blog! A pleasure to be here!
    I would like to add a comment to your reply. We Greeks are, of course, responsible for many of our financial and administrative woes, but we are definitely not exclusively responsible for them, nor is the Eurozone crumbling because of Greece.

    Had the European governments spent some more time examining the causes of the crisis instead of moralizing about Greece, and had the European media spent less ink demonizing and belittling Greeks in a racist way, then maybe the European peoples would not be carried away thinking that if it weren’t for Greece, the Eurozone would be paradise.

    Greece-the-scapegoat has assuaged the Europeans for two-and-a-half years, precious time wasted on Greece-bashing rather than on crisis-solving. Now, the Eurocrats have to explain to the Europeans why Germany’s economy stagnates at 0% growth despite optimal conditions for exports, why Spain is collapsing despite the fact that its debt and deficit are “kosher”, and why Italy is following suit despite the fact that the Monti government is meticulously following Brussels’ orders. Well, good luck with that!

  2. My grandfather’s village is a tiny little village perched high up on the Pindus mountains. Even today, with all those good quality roads that criss-cross Greece, you need over an hour to drive the 30 or so kilometers from the main road to the village, because of the curves and the altitude changes. It is a mystery to me how the Germans found that village back in the 1940s, and burnt it to the ground, to avenge a German soldier killed by a village man. Those villagers who were lucky to escape to the mountains survived. The others were summarily executed.

    Mind you, this is NOT ancient history, something involving Turks in turban or the galloping army of the Persians. This is something that happened 70 years ago. It is very likely that those Germans who destroyed my grandfather’s village are still alive. It is very likely that they gave the wrong education to their children and grandchildren. It is very likely that it is their children and grandchildren who speak of Greece in the most racist of ways.

    Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Cyprus and Italy are Eurozone countries who have been severely affected by the crisis and have asked for help from the European Union. France, Belgium and the Netherlands feel rather wobbly and not so sure about their financial health anymore. Of all those 9 Eurozone nations, NONE has been treated with such abject racism as Greece by the German media. I am sad to say, Dutch, Austrian, Finnish, Slovak, Estonian and Bulgarian media (even though Bulgaria is not in the Eurozone) were quick to underscore the German racism toward Greece.

    The Greeks have been called lazybums, crooks, irresponsible children, and their flaws have been attributed to faulty genes by prestigious German newspapers such as the Frankfurter Allgemeine. One can only wonder in what those faulty Greek genes can be held responsible for the crisis in Ireland, or even the UK, which is not part of the Eurozone.

    If a visitor to Greece makes an earnest attempt to understand the plight of this country, the extremely complicated mix of domestic and foreign responsibilities for our woes, and if he or she treats the Greeks with respect, they will have no problem or misunderstanding whatsoever.

    • Stergios,

      I am in awe to find a comment all the way from Greece on my blog so welcome here.

      I have only had the chance to visit Greece once and I know of the horrible deeds the Germans perpetrated in your beautiful country.

      I agree that the MSM have used everything to inflame the racist tendencies and lingering prejudices against the Greek but also the Spanish and the Italians will be found wanting and judged by those of the Northern countries. I find it abhorrent and grief for the stupidity and ignorance to many of my fellow Dutchmen.

      Of course the Greek are not responsible for the financial collapse we are witnessing now. That is solely the result of the corrupt financial system. That system and the people who run it should be held accountable. It is not my place to tell people what to do but in my humble opinion the Greek should abandon the Euro and go back to the Drachma and take control of their own destiny again.

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