Tightening the noose around our necks because they are stupid? Yeah right!

When you listen to people as they get upset about what National is doing to this country you hear a lot of them calling this government stupid, corrupt and greedy. While that is mostly correct and there are a lot of stupid corrupt and greedy people in our government today there is also some very smart people around the place using the stupid, corrupt and greedy people currently forming this government.

To begin to understand this you have to understand that to these smart people we are what they consider useless eaters. To them we represent a danger to what they think of as their planet and they want to do something about that. And while most of us just want to live our lives, love our family and friends and help each other get by but are generally happy to let other people do the same they want to regulate this entire planet by any means possible and that includes what  is called population control.

In fact if countries who borrow money from the World bank don’t comply with the conditions to reduce their populations loans are stopped and even called in literally starving populations to reduce their numbers. Now while you might think that this is often a good idea and in fact you agree that there are  too many people on this planet and we should reduce our numbers and countries like India and China and some of those other countries with dark people in them have crazy overpopulations and you don’t really mind that they have to starve if that helps our planet here are some fact which might make you reconsider.

First of all they are not worried about the exploding populations of India and  China. The people over there have so little impact on the planet and their carbon footprint is so small they don’t really matter. What’s more they are so close to extinction already that just depriving them of clean water or food will kill them of in no time.

No, what really gets up their wick  is people like you and me. People who own a home, who drive a car, who love the latest gadgets and who perhaps consume meat and dairy on a daily base. People who have had educations and want to partake in the political process to ensure that all of us have a fair share of the wealth we feel we are entitled too. People who like their parents want to have children and give them the same if not better life than we had.

Those are the people they think should go.

So the next time this government just like every other government in the Western world tells you you have to make do with less while the 1% parties on and seems so far removed from our reality remember that is how they want it to be.

They have a plan and they don’t want to care about you and me, our families and how our daily lives are slowly but surely eroded away as the close the spigot to what is left of the oil by making the prices so high people will have to leave the countryside, our food prices so high we can not afford meat or dairy or in extreme cases to even feed our children and healthcare so unaffordable we die of preventable diseases while shooting us up with mercury laden vaccines.

They are not stupid. They know exactly what they are doing and they are really smart.


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2 thoughts on “Tightening the noose around our necks because they are stupid? Yeah right!

  1. Personally I don’t believe in this “Agenda 21 population control” story, don’t get me wrong I definitely believe in powerful men manipulating governments and controling society from the top, but when it comes down to dismissing scientific evidence and saying that everything will be fine if we carry on doing what we’re doing is just plan wrong. We don’t need to worry about this agenda 21 when the human population reaches 12billion and we’re population controling ourselves through killing eachother over what little food and water there is left… And from what I’ve seen of this conspiracy theory there is very little / no real evidence backing the claim.

    I would consider myself an environmentalist, but that’s because I understand that humans offer nothing positive to the one and only planet we live on. All humans die: the Earth will carry on, even heal itself. All insects dies: The Earths eco system will collapse and all humans (and everything else on it) will die.

    I’m not saying I support any form of forced contraception, I think people in this day and age are having fewer children anyway, but we’re nearing a point in time where we have to make strong decisions for the future of the planet and the human race, and in my opinion that means destroying the monetary system and bringing in a system of real resource management.

    Also don’t forget that the now mainstream idea of environment comes first has only been accepted for maybe 10 years, if that, prior to this mainstream idea anyone who believed the environment was our first priority was considered a hippy or delusional, we’ll we can see the impact our wasteful system has on our planet and if we don’t change and adopt a new way of life we’re going to die, now staying to course as we are at the moment would be a much more effective and cost efficient way to kill the majority of the human racce off- just let us consume till there’s nothing left.

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