Here are some headlines you won’t find in the MSM about the collapse of Europe

As my readers know I have a thing for Zero hedge blog. I do because the bloggers there work in the financial world and know what they are talking about.

Here is a selection of their headlines of today alone you might want to read up on.

On Spain

The Pain In Spain Is Mainly, Well, Everywhere

Spain’s Bank “Bailout” A Complete Dud: Allows Banks To Opt-Out

On European banks

Europe’s Stigmatized Banks On The Verge Of Crucifixion

The Death Spiral Of Debt, Risk And Jobs

European Liquidity Corzined

Things In Europe Just Getting Worse By The Minute

The Euro-Zone Becomes the Twilight Zone

The reserve banking system

“The Fed Owns The Stock Market”

And that is just a small selection