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  1. and NZRose – I’m sorry to say that the vast majority of people, media and politicians are referring to the Hikoi as a complete waste of time and absolute failure. In fact – they are saying it is the LEAST successful Hikoi in recent memory. It was attended by mostly people that didnt walk – hey drove (not a true Hikoi), it’s purpose was very “muddied” by all sorts of people with all sorts of gripes that detracted to the original purpose (so much so that the true purpose is not even being spoken about now) and arrived at Parliament on a Friday afternoon when 95% of the MP’s were not even there. An absolute failure …. once again!

  2. Clearly I wasn’t talking about the Kiwi suicide rate among teenagers – which is also a significant tragedy and disgrace which requires more attention – as, although it is incredibly sad, these teenagers make their own choices. It is the babies and toddlers – tortured and beaten to death by drunk, drugged or just plain evil parents, family, boyfriends etc. that I’m mostly concerned with. This disgrace has to be owned by Kiwis, and in particular, Maori and there should be meetings, and Hikoi by the dozen to raise awareness and search for solutions! ….. and a half baked, off-hand, suggestive comment that suicides are caused by Pakeha txt bullying is so absurd it is laughable! You’re living in cuckoo land! lol

  3. Big deal – who cares. Where are the Hikoi’s when beautiful Maori babies and tiny innocent children are murdered by no hoper, loser parents, caregivers and boyfriends. Get real and focus on the true issues for God’s sake!

    • This country is hideous towards all children one way or another. I have never seen a country and trust me I travelled a lot, where children were so abused and belittled and put down as this country. No wonder so many of them kill themselves and that by the way is mostly down by the bullying Pakeha class.

      • To All that organised and participated in this event – FANTASTIC work! It has been so long since I felt hope for the future of Aotearoa, but the New Zealand spirit is not lost. This was a brilliant event nationwide. Be proud and never forget a few can make a difference.

  4. i will definitely be there, i think there will be a huge turnout, i’m also working on spreading the word where i live

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