“The Hair” voted

Who is this guy and why do people vote for him?

Legislation enabling the Government to sell down up to 49 per cent of four state-owned enterprises has passed its first reading in Parliament by a single vote.

The Mixed Ownership Model Bill was subject to a boisterous debate and passed by 61 votes to 60. It now goes before the finance and expenditure select committee, where public submissions will be heard, and is due to return to the House before July 16.

As well National’s 59 votes, the support of Act’s John Banks and UnitedFuture MP Peter Dunne secured passage of the bill.

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2 thoughts on ““The Hair” voted

  1. If only Labour had put more effort into winning Ohariu, then Peter Dunne would have been booted out and none of this would be happening.

    I don’t know why people voted for him, i live in the electorate and only saw him once at a school fair the whole year. His office is always empty too.
    I think though his majority of voters will have actually died by the next election unlike Winstons.
    ‘And i’m pretty sure he said he was against asset sales, maybe they bought his vote with a lifetime personal coiffeur

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